Statistical Data Analysis Assignment

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistical data involves the scientific collection of data, to unveil trends and patterns. Data can be further be classified as discreet or continuous. Continuous data is not countable. Discreet data is countable. Statistical data analysis dais used in different disciplines. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Statistical Data Analysis Assignment Help

Statistical Data Analysis Assignment Help


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Below are some of the topics we have covered in statistical data analysis assignment help services

Methods of statistical data analysis                              

  • Mean
  • Regression
  • Sample size determination
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Standard deviation

Uses of statistical data analysis

  • Making future predictions
  • Summarizing information
  • Presenting findings after a study
  • Calculating the relevance of data

Types of statistical data

Primary data

Primary statistical data refers to the data obtained directly from processes, individuals, or objects. The data can be qualitative or quantitative. Primary data is reliable, as you can control how to collect it. It requires more time to collect. Primary data is also expensive compared to other types of data.

Secondary data

In secondary data, you collect data after another party has gathered it already. Collecting secondary data is cheaper and takes less time than primary data. You can access secondary data from different sources, such as government agencies, blogs, and publications. When using secondary data, be careful to get accurate, updated data from reliable sources.

Quantitative data

Numerical data presented statistically is known as quantitative data. Examples include age, weight, and height.

 Qualitative data

Qualitative data refers to described data, with no measurements.

Statistical Data Analysis Assignment Help

Statistical Data Analysis

Methods of data collection

Sample surveys

In the sample survey, you select a certain number of respondents from a large population, to gather some information from them. The process of identifying the respondents is called sampling. To collect data using this method. prepare questionnaires.  A questionnaire contains questions which are filled by the respondents. The questions should be clear and direct to the point. The method is cost-effective as you only get to a small number of people.


Census is a type of primary data. In a census, an investigator gets essential information about every item in a certain population. Data collected using this method is correct and accurate, provided there is honesty.

Direct observations

In observations, you gather information, without asking questions. It can be combined with other data collection methods, for accuracy

Statistical data analysis involves the following:

Collecting the data

Before collecting the data, ensure you have a good storage system where you will keep the data. Choose the most appropriate data collection method, considering factors such as accuracy, urgency, and your budget. After the collection, store the data in an organized way.

Analyzing the collected data

Use different ways to manipulate your data. Use data analysis software and tools, as they are more effective.

Interpret the findings

The data should answer all the questions you had before collecting and analyzing it.

Applications of statistical analysis

Designing surveys

There are certain questions that cannot be answered without taking statistics. Through surveys, the government can know the population of its citizens, and businesses can conduct the response of their products in the market

Statistical modeling

Statistical modeling involves coming up with predictive models based on pattern recognition. Statistical models can be used to predict survival analysis of population or predicting elections results.

Epidemiological studies

Epidemiological studies help determine the connection between the cause and the effect of a certain disease. The results obtained are used to come up with certain public policies.

Clinical trials

When a vaccine or a treatment drug is found out, it is tested on a certain number of people, to determine the safety and effectiveness. It involves selecting a portion of the population and coming up with the parameters on how the efficacy and safety will be established.

Researching conclusions

Statistical data analysis helps researchers in testing hypotheses and confirming if theories are true and correct. Data from experiments can fail to be straightforward. Statistical analysis helps to eliminate errors and uncertainties. Since it is extensive, it takes a lot of time and money.

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