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A statement of problem writing refers to the writing of a clear vision and method used in solving a particular problem. It discusses problems or challenges a student may face when writing a research paper.

A statement of problem is one of the most important sections of writing a research paper. Unfortunately, many students ignore this very important section, which might greatly affect the quality of their paper. This happens due to inadequate knowledge on how to write a good statement of problem.

how-to-write-statement-problem acemywork

how-to-write-statement-problem acemywork

At the Homework writers, we understand that sometimes, writing a good statement of a problem can be quite challenging. That’s why we focus on writing high-quality problem statements with the help of our highly learned, experienced, and dedicated writers.

Tips for Writing A Statement of Problem

writing a good statement of problem has never been easy. However, following these tips will help you come up with a good statement for a research paper.

Choose an existing problem

This simply means that your problem should be logical and relevant. To get such a problem, conduct thorough research.  However, avoid choosing a very complex problem that will be hard to research due to little information available.

Getting the problem is usually the hardest task. You have to come up with something unique, not copying the work of others. here are some of the sources of problems

  • Personal experience
  • Relevant literature
  • Theory deductions

Have A Compelling Topic on your statement of Problem

The problem you choose must be relevant. The title should also be compelling.  It has to attract the attention of the reader and engage them.

Be clear

Be clear when writing a statement of problem. State the problem in a clear and concise manner to make it easy to comprehend. Remember, you want to make the reader understand the problem without struggling.

Ensure the statement of Problem addresses the 5 Ws

Incorporate the 5ws in your statement of problem. Incorporating these 5 Ws ensures that are areas of the problem are tackled. Basically, think about

  • Who is affected by the problem?
  • What would be the consequences of not solving the problem?
  • Where the problem is taking place
  • When the problem needs to be solved
  • Why it’s essential for the problem to get solved

Writing a good statement of problem can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done that before or don’t have excellent research skills. That’s why we come in. we aim to help you write a good statement of problem for your research paper and make things easy for you.

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Statement of Problem

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