Social work dissertation writing guide help 

Social work dissertation writing guide


The dissertation is an original piece of a scholarly research on a topic that has been jointly agreed on after a discussion with his or her supervisory committee members. It is a major undertaking that should reflect the highest standards of scholarship and make a significant contribution to knowledge and practice in field of social welfare and the profession of social work.

A candidate should present a social work dissertation demonstrating original and independent investigation and achievement. A dissertation should not only reflect the mastery of your social work knowledge gained and mastery of research but also ability to select a problem and deal with it competently

At some point during social work dissertation process each candidate is required to make a 30 minute presentation for his or her research

Formats of writing a social work dissertation.

Monograph format.

This format of social work dissertation is also called book format. In this format the dissertation is organized as an integrated set of chapters written a logical progression of ideas pertaining the topic. This dissertation type typically includes: summary, an introduction, chapters describing the aims of the research and description of the methods used, analysis of result and conclusion.

Publication format.

This format comprises a collection of papers that are in a format suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal. This may include scientific papers, book chapters or other published formats. Material included in this publication format those that are solely authored by the student. The papers or chapters may have already been published, be accepted by publication, or planned for submission for publication format is expected.

Social work dissertation writing guide
Social work dissertation writing guide

Resources required in writing social work dissertation

  • Time: completion of a dissertation, from the beginning of your proposal to final dissertation defense usually takes about a year for a full time social work student it often takes longer.
  • ●       Focus: Your dissertation will likely take longer than a year if you have other significant demands on your time and energy completing the dissertation usually requires chunks of uninterrupted thinking and writing time.
  • Skills: writing a dissertation requires writing, organizational and analytical skills. It also requires that you be able to work independently and be able to motivate yourself.
  • Patience: pursuinga dissertation also involves waiting and negotiating: waiting for your supervisor, and then your committee, to review your proposal and drafts, waiting for research participant to contact you for document. Almost everything will take longer than you imagined.
  • Indirect cost: in addition to tuition and living expenses, a social work dissertation may also require that you pay for photocopying, recording and transcription cost and also long distance phone call will cost you credit.
  • Persistence: most students encounter at least some roadblock during dissertation process you may not get through the ethics review for the first time. Folks who you want as part of your dissertation may not be available or have to replace someone this will require persistence.
  • Get to know the faculty: research which faculty are interested in your topic  or in topic closely related to your topic or as you start to get familiar with this, which faculty are familiar with your research methodology description that faculty provide and other information.

Developing a committee in your social work dissertation

Writing a proposal and your dissertation, you will work closely with your committee and especially with your supervisor. You should therefore devote sometime to finding people that you can work well during the process. A general guideline is that your committee include one person who is knowledgeable about your methodology and one good general reader.

Social work dissertation proposal

The aim of your dissertation proposal is to outline a plan of action that you will follow in pursuing your research. You proposal needs to provide answers to various questions that your committee might have about your plan. Your proposal explains in detail what your projects is about the question you will try are:

  • ‘who’, ’when’ and ‘what’ questions:

Convince your committee and yourself that your research is feasible in terms of funds and availability of participants. Outline how research will be completed within reasonable time and be aware about the aims of research.

  • ‘why’ questions

Show that you are contributing something original or that you are extending previous research in interesting the original way and clarify the importance.

  • ‘how’ questions

Show that you sufficiently grasp the methodology and its associated methods in order for research process to proceed smoothly and that you clearly understand how proceed with your research independently. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Social work dissertation writing guide
Social work dissertation writing guide

Structuring social work dissertation proposal

  1. Introduction

Introduce the reader to the general subject area and then to your specific topic, be clear how your specific topic is general to the subject area, state the topic concisely and succinctly. Briefly point out why the topic is significant and briefly explain how your research research will contribute knowledge in the general area.

  1. Literature review

This together with your methodology description is the main substance of your proposal. It lays foundation for discussing how you going to approach your research. The purpose is to show that you have good gasp of the general subject area in which your topic is located and an excellent understanding of your specific topic area it provides the background of your project.

  1. Methodology

This part of the proposal explains what methodology you have selected and why and describes the methodology in considerable details. Both you and your committee should feel very confident, based on what you’ve written in this part of your proposal that you know problems that might arise and have alternatives

  1. References

Your references lies should include all the references in your proposal, properly formatted in APA


  • Ethics review: you will need ethics revive from the board if you are gathering data by talking or observing people.
  • No matter what you must not begin research until you have received approval for it after approval of your proposal.
  • The dissertation: The final draft of dissertation that you present to your supervisor should us the formatting and reference style required by the university.
  • The defense: You should review guidelines for your dissertation defense with your advisor generally, the student is expected to provide 20-30 minutes summary of the main points in the dissertation.

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