Review the Sixth Sense Video, and do some additional research of your own using the interneton a new technology.TED-ed is always a good place to start. Categories may include Artificial Intelligence, Avatars, Social Networking or any other new and interesting technology you can find. 1. Describe what you learned in the Sixth Sense Video.How will that technology impact the way we (businesses) do things in the future. What are the long term impacts of changes as a result of using this type of technology (camera’s for example)? 2. Outline some new interesting technology you have found and indicate how you feel it may change or impact the way we use technology in the future.Outline what makes it special, or different.How is the technology you uncovered currently being used in business.How will it impact the future?3. Indicate what you learned from doing your research on this topic. Sixth Sense Video: View Less >>
TED is the acronym for the term Technology, Entertainment and Design. The objective of this media organization is to spread the knowledge worth sharing for good and benefit of mankind.Ted ed is the You Tube channel which communicates with the mass through various informative videos. These videos are created with great supervision and after understanding the need to spread the video for a better future. It was founded in 1984 with its headquarter in the United States,but due to globalization today it is a popular site which can help to fulfill the needs in the technologically improved arena around the world. Get solution

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