Should non-linguistic phenomena (e.g. gaze, gestures) be seen as part of pragmatics? In general your essay will be marked 65% for content and 35% for expression (grammar, clarity, etc.). However, if it is so poorly written that I cannot understand it, you may lose more points for expression; clarity is crucial in this essay. Poor referencing will be heavily penalized; serious plagiarism will be referred to the School Academic Conduct Officer. Also, any parts of your essay that are irrelevant to your chosen topic will be penalized, e.g. if 10% of the essay is irrelevant, you will lose 10% of the total mark. Content includes giving adequate coverage to relevant aspects of your topic. I am not looking for particular right answers; I am looking for clear and convincingdiscussions of the topic. Note also that your essay should go well beyondwhat is said in class and lecture notes about a topic. View Less >>
The practical aspects of human behaviour, actions and their thoughts, together make up pragmatics. Pragmatics is defined as the study of language, words, sentences and linguistic signs which are used by people in actual situations. Instead of merely understanding what words and sentences literally mean, pragmatics considers the inherent meaning and construction of the language, and the various implied meanings of what is being spoken or written. It considers language to be Get solution

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