Should the government and companies in Saudi Arabia be required to discriminate in favor of women in hiring and promotion decisions? View Less >>
Introduction The population size of Saudi Arabia is more than 28 million with a GDP size of $1.756trillion. There is a major gender gap in the workplace in the country. The country is ranked 138 out of 144 countries in gender equality indicating that there are gender gaps and companies do not favor women in hiring and promoting them. Although the country has found the improvement in the literacy rate of women, the share of women participation in the workplace is only 21%. Despite all these facts and figures, the country is making efforts to discriminate in favor of the women. The vision of Saudi Arabia of 2030 focuses on the idea that the economy will give equally to both men and women so that they can contribute to the development of the Saudi economy. The Subdivision state women are an asset for the economy as 50% of the population that is graduated are women. The vision 2030 pledge the women to continue their development, invest in their capabilities, develop themselves and contributes to the development of the society as well as the development of the economy (Hodges, J, 2017). In the next section, we have discussed the status of women and the discrimination that they face in their workplace. It also explains the steps that companies or government should undertake to favor women in hiring and promoting them. Get solution

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