Scenario You have been recruited into the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and have been assigned to work in a small regional town in central Queensland. When you begin working there, you notice several things. These are as follows: Misguided, the local MP, has been seen soliciting prostitutes in the area. Prostitution is illegal in this town. Misguided MP is motivated to solicit the prostitutes to provide them with a meal and a safe night’s sleep. He uses his ministerial vehicle to transport the women. He knows that the soliciting is wrong and feels guilty. Constable Smith is the officer you have been assigned to work with at the town. Last night was your first night on duty. You saw Constable Smith not apprehend Misguided MP and did not report it to anyone. He reasoned to you that Misguided MP is very good to the police and makes the job a lot easier. He told you that other police officers do the same and you should too. In today’s newspaper, there is an article alleging police misconduct and claiming that police have given favourable treatment to an unnamed MP, who has been seen soliciting prostitutes in the area. The Station Sergeant knows nothing of these allegations until they appear in the newspaper. Identify the two (2) actions of Misguided MP and classify them according to the different types of corruption applicable (noble cause corruption or individual corruption). (HINT: In your answer, explain in detail why you have classified them as that type of corruption. Remember to refer back to the scenario). Explain what is meant by the term ‘conflict of interest’. Explain why it is important to declare/disclose conflicts of interest if they arise. Identify and discuss the conflict of interest arising from Constable Smith’s actions with reference to the following questions. What are the various conflicts of interest in this scenario? How is he discharging his duties and is there any bias operating here? Can this conflict of interest be regarded as corruption? Identify and discuss what type of corrupt persons Misguided MP and Constable Smith are. (HINT: Refer to your learning materials regarding the two types of corrupt persons). The media is an important aspect to the above situation. Answer the following questions regarding the media Discuss the role the media is serving in this situation. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the media’s involvement. Constable Smith and other officers have been deceiving the Sergeant. Explain what role this deception plays in their corruption. (HINT: Think about the types of deception that are applicable, and how this deception is being used). In your position as a new police officer in the area who has become aware of this situation, discuss the options that are open to you, and which is the most ethically appropriate action to take in the circumstances. Identify the steps you need to take in order to report the conduct. Discuss the possible consequences Constable Smith may face once the conduct has been reported. Briefly discuss how this sort of unethical behaviour could be avoided in the future. View Less >>
1. Based on the presented scenario it shows that MP is involved in corruption related activities and there are two types of corruption in which MP involved. One is noble cause corruption and other is individual corruption. The classification based on following terms. It is presented that MP is misguided by people in soliciting the local prostitutes in the area where MP is responsible for management of duties. This shows MP is misguided by people present in the area but still MP Get solution

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