This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills in designing computer network diagrams including geographic and logical diagrams. In addition, it develops your skills in planning and finding IT infrastructures solution that suit enterprise requirements.In this assessment, you are required to select an organization with the following specification: 1. The organization must use information technology to implement its business operations. 2. It must have a website to improve organization marketing and customer satisfaction through better services. The organization domain name is: www. 3. Email services for each staff member. 4. More than one campus at different locations. 5. Wireless network services within the organization campuses. 6. Backup and file share servers for regularly backup staff important documents and share files between staff, respectively. Assume the head officer of the IT department wants to analyse current network design and propose the hosting of some network services using virtualization and Cloud. View Less >>
The given IT Infrastructure Assessment Details for development of geographic and logical diagrams for IT infrastructures solution with the organization requirements. The organisation has already set up as per selection criteria and on-base organisation wants to open a new branch in a different city for better service. As per the assessment details, there is some specification is already mention of organisation For the diagram in IT infrastructure solutions also mention some predefined configuration for the organization selection. This new branch setup is also more secure for internal networks. As well as asmore scalable for future purpose, an organization can also use for more resource for staff. This new branch is also full fill all the requirements of the organization. In this design, we also provided link redundancy for all the access layer switch and distribution switch so that in future this one is more beneficial for the organisation. In last this diagram is perfect as per assessment report instruction. Get solution

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