Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

What is Evolutionary Biology?

Evolutionary biology is the study of the earth’s diversity and the processes responsible for such diversification. Evolutionary biology helps us to understand how conditions change in an organized manner.

Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

The study of evolutionary biology assists us to understand the source of diversity in life. This pushes us to feel the need to conserve these diversities. Evolutionary biology is therefore very important and interesting.

Evolutionary biology is the study of the origin of the human race and acts as a link between microscopic and macroscopic aspects of life. Studying evolutionary biology helps us to predict our future.

Evolutionary biology is commonly taught in medical degrees because it plays an important role in medicine. Evolutionary biology has been applied to be able to understand the human body from a biological perspective.

Evolutionary biology can also be described as the branch of biology which deals with understanding the diversity of life as a result of evolutionary processes that are different. The different evolutionary processes covered in evolutionary biology are natural selection, speciation and descent.

Ecology, paleontology and genetics are some of the research topics that have been studied in evolutionary biology. Currently, research on evolutionary biology revolves around molecular evolution and adaptations based on genetic composition. In addition, factors like sexual selection, biography and drift in genetics which play a role in evolution are also researched on.

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Difficulties in studying Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary biology is perceived to be both a difficult and interesting subject. In most universities, environmental studies which evolutionary biology is part of is a compulsory subject so students can not avoid it.

People commonly misunderstand evolution. They believe that evolution is more of the history of changes in living things. However, this is untrue because evolution is also concerned with the heritage of living things.

Trees, non-living things and human beings change over time. Evolution includes studying different species of plants and animals that exist today, those that existed before and even the new species to come. A combination of all these aspects makes evolutionary biology a difficult subject.

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Topics related to Evolutionary Biology

  1. Fossils
  2. Adaptation
  • Phonetics and cladistics
  1. Migration
  2. Speciation
  3. Patterns of evolution
  • Mutation
  • Mechanisms of evolution
  1. Theories of evolution
  2. Micro evolution
  3. Macro evolution
  • Darwin’s theory of evolution
  • Process of evolution
  • Evolution of sex
  1. Examples of evolution
  • Adaptation

Stages of Evolution in Evolutionary Biology

Evolution can be studied in three categories.

  • Inorganic evolution – this is the ranch of evolution that concentrates on learning the sequence of alterations in inorganic elements and matter.
  • Cosmic evolution – this is the evolution that focuses on organic evolution changes in stars and planets that cause birth, growth and death of the same.
  • Organic evolution – organic evolution is concerned with how modifications give birth to new organisms from previously existing organisms.

The arrangement of evolutionary sequence from the ancestor to the descendant in a linear manner is known as lineage. Evolutionary trends witnessed in any lineage are equal to the number of evolving characters.

Changes in evolutionary trends can be both progressive and retrogressive.

Stages of evolution

  1. The development of Unicellular Prokaryotes

The first step of evolution is believed to be the development of unicellular prokaryotes. Prokaryotes also known as free cells are the oldest types of cells.

  1. The development of eukaryotic cells

It is estimated that between one to two billion years ago, oxygen was available which led to the development of eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic were seen to be more organized but a little complex compared to prokaryotes which preceded them.

  • Start of the Cambrian period and Development of Multicellular organisms

The process of evolution gained speed after the development of eukaryotes and prokaryotes. The cambarian period was marked with the development of highly organized and structured organisms. These organisms were organized in tissues and organs.

It is during this stage that animals with skeletons, hard shells, carapaces and developed organ systems appeared.

  1. Land invasion

The first plant species to exist on land were the phytoplankton. These were followed by the arthropods. Amphibians too came to be and with them the winged insects appeared. Dinosaurs and trees came to be. These were followed by the emergence of mammals. Later, human beings and ancestral apes that make up the primates came to be.

Where is Evolutionary Biology applied?

The different applications of evolutionary biology are as follows:

  1. Evolutionary biology studies the evolution of parasites. Understanding the evolution of parasites has been helpful in public health which is easily affected and deteriorated by parasites.
  2. Evolution theories have been used in the development and expansion of the fishing industry.
  3. Evolution biology has made enabled the development and changes in drugs. Pests and diseases caused by pests change with time and increase their resistance to drugs to a point that the drugs have no effect on them.
  4. Endangered species have been saved from extinction by the numerous evolution theories. The impact of evolution biology in the protection of endangered species from becoming extinct is important.


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Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

Savvy Evolutionary Biology Assignment Writers

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