Have a clear structure – introduction with the proposition (argument), body, conclusion. Develop a line of argument which directly addresses the research question. Support points in each of your paragraphs with research evidence. Be balanced with your evidence, look at the evidence for and against your argument include critical evaluation throughout. Have a meaningful conclusion which pulls together the points of your paragraphs and evidence discussed. Presentation – referencing, polished paragraphs, multiple drafts. View Less >>
The current essay mainly focuses on providing an understanding of the concept of Humanistic therapies. Humanistic therapy is considered as a positive approach towards psychotherapy, and mainly emphasize on the nature of an individual and it does not categorize groups of people with the same characteristics who are also having the same problems. This paper will provide an understanding of the concept of Humanistic therapy along with the strengths and limitations of the therapy. It will also provide a discussion on the techniques that are used in humanistic therapy along with its types and the roots of Humanistic perspective. From the above illustration, it may be concluded that the current essay is mainly based on the aspects of Humanistic therapies. It has provided a discussion on the strengths and limitations of humanistic therapy. The study has also provided an understanding of the roots of the humanistic perspective. Get solution

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