1. How can you use vertical integration and storage as parts of a risk management program? Provide an example. 2. When does risk retention make sense as a risk-management strategy? 3. What is the basis for the pecking order of financing projects? 4. Why are retailers particularly sensitive to fluctuations in their cashflows? Use this as the basis for a well-thought out hedging strategy for consumer retailing firms. 5. Why might it be desirable from a personnel point-of-view to reduce firm-specific cashflow volatility? View Less >>
It is pertinent that organizations can involve themselves in real investments in assets by offsetting risk. These real investments in assets are termed as vertical integration and storage. Vertical integration can be referred to the merger of a firm or organization including its supplier and its customer (Choi, Chan and Yue 2017). As a result of increase in price level of the commodities it raises a concern of increasing the costs associated with the firm and the revenues of the supplier. Therefore, the nature of these firms or organizations is such that, they can offset their risks by merging. Firstly, emphasis should be made regarding the utilization of vertical integration as an important part of risk management program (Cohen, Krishnamoorthy and Wright 2017). Get solution

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