Describe the responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse in relation to the New Zealand Organisation NZNO Code of Ethics. Discuss ethical principles (or underlying values) 1 ‘ Autonomy’ and 2 ‘Beneficience’ of this code in relation to the registered nurse’s role. Download or access the code of Ethics from New Zealand Nursing Organisation website Find the 2 ethical principles or underlying values indicated in your essay question and read about the document. View Less >>
Introduction A lot of complexity and responsibilities are faced by the nurses while becoming the New Zealand Registered Nurse as per the NZNO (New Zealand Nurses Organization) Code of Ethics. The standards of nursing include, (a) responsibility and accountability, (b) evidence-based practice, (c) relationships with patients,(d) continuing competence, (e) ethics, (f) leadership, (g) resources management, (h) other standards of professional nursing practice. Herewith, we shall discuss the responsibilities of the nurse in relevance to the NZNO Code of Ethics. Broadly speaking, the code of conduct describes the behavior of nurses as per what is expected out of them. Therefore, it provides guidance of the appropriate behavior of all nurses. It can be used by nurses, employers and even the nursing council to understand the behavior of nurses towards their patients. Responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse in relation to the New Zealand Organization NZNO Code of EthicsDuring their practice, nurses are confronted with various complexities with regards to their role and responsibilities towards patient care (Zahedi et al, 2013). Through code of ethics, the fundamental guidance for nursing is understood well. These standards meet the generic standards of nursing practice. Following these standards, nurses develop the needful skills and expertise in the particular area of practice. The nursing practices supported by specific codes and guidelines as well as policies and regulations of the NZNO, which in turn is related to various nursing care settings. As per the NZNO Code of Ethics, nurses have the responsibility of upholding certain values such as autonomy, beneficence, non malfeasance, fidelity, privacy and confidentiality of patients, justice, veracity and maintaining professionalism (Standards of Professional Nursing Practice, 2018). The domains of nursing care focus on professional responsibility, interpersonal relationships, quality improvement at work and inter-professional healthcare. All these issues are incorporated in the Code of Conduct as nurses have a professional duty to ensure appropriate patient care of certain standards. Furthermore, the society expects that the healthcare services rendered to them are safe, secured, timely, ethical, efficient, patient-centered as well as effective at all times (Anderson, 2013).  Get solution

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