Instructions: Respond to the 2 students’ contributions of the value map of their product challenging others’ postings; helping others understand a concept through experiences, examples, and explanations; commenting on others’ postings and contributing value to the learning. (3 paragraph per respond). Student: Arisley The Sunscreen Value Map shows a flat slope and suggests that there is very little increase in price if we increase the relative performance of the product. Hence, consumers must go for better quality product because the increase in price is very small. View Less >>
The consumer sentiment index reflects trends in unemployment and disposable incomes. When sentiment is high, consumers are more likely to purchase the industry’s goods. Nevertheless, some discretionary industry goods, such as cosmetics, are more susceptible to changes in consumer sentiment than essential goods like shampoos. The consumer sentiment index is expected to increase during 2013, indicating a potential opportunity for the industry. Get solution

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