The introduction willbe the proposal of the topic assignment previously submitted. The bibliography will obviously be moved to the end of the paper. Humanity’s relationship to sin. Sin as a condition vs sins as an act. Current topics affecting the identity of the Church. The holistic nature of humanity. The primary purpose of the Sanctuary. View Less >>
The seventh day Adventist traces their origin to the American preacher’s teaching whose name is William Millar. William was the person who preaches that Jesus will be born again and this will be the second coming or the Advent of Jesus Christ. However, in 1844 the day in which Miller promised that Jesus would appear, nothing happened. After that incident, many of the followers had left the movement. Later on, Ellen G. White who was born in the year 1827, a visionary and a prophet followed miller’s path. Based on this research it can be understood that the beliefs and the fait30h of the Adventist are based on the Millers anticipation of the Holy Scripture and on the basis of the research which was done they have reached that Jesus will come on the year 1844 which seems not actually happened. It has been found that later on the Ellen G. White has changed the claim by saying God has come to the heaven and he is cleaning the heaven for the people once he had completed the work God will come to the earth. Get solution

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