Assignment 3Research Paper and Poster Session For this assignment you are required to• prepare and write a unique methodological research paper;• create and analyze some fictional data to test your research hypothesis;• present your findings from your fictional data in a poster that could be used at a psychological conference; and• send your research paper to another student in the class for peer review and review that other student’s research paper;Please note: You need to do a research paper and a poster presentation for this assignment (see marking scheme for this assignment below).Guidelines for preparing the research paperThe research paper is the major assignment for this course, worth 20% of your final grade. It should be in APA format, between seven and ten pages in length (i.e., you double-spaced in APA). This page limit includes the title and references pages. Thus the title page is page 1 and the reference page will be either page 7, 8, 9, or 10.The following steps, which you should have become familiar with during the term, will help you complete and do well on this assignment.Step 1. Go to the library and search the literature (e.g., PsycINFO) for research on a topic of interest to you.Step 2. Find and read the “primary” references or primary research material in the psychology journals.Step 3. Organize, summarize, and draw conclusions regarding the information in the primary references.Step 4. Think critically about the information in the primary references. Were there any problems with the research? What needs to be done next?Step 5. From the critical thinking in step 4, develop a specific hypothesis regarding your primary references.Step 6. Design a methodologically sound study to answer your specific hypothesis.Remember, the focus of this research paper is on methodology. Thus you shouldwrite the methodological part of the paper first. This will ensure that you have thecorrect focus. Once the method section is complete, write a 2-3 page introduction toyour topic that logically leads the reader to your detailed methodology. The finalparagraph in your introduction should include a testable hypothesis or two. Themethodological section should be followed by a brief results section (just a sentence or two outlining the major statistical technique used and the main finding of your study e.g., group differences). Once you report the main results, you will need a discussion/conclusion section and finally the reference section. The fictional data and detailed statistical analysis that you will perform to test your hypothesis are to be presented in the poster component of this assignment (i.e., showcase/graph group differences, correlations, etc.). .Step 7. Reread your background research and proposed methodology again and again. It should end up being a very logical report that uses APA format (see Appendix A in your textbook).Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC 2250 Assignment 3 1Note: An example of a paper and poster can be found on the course site inAppendix C. Please note that this example paper and poster was written by aPSYC 2250 student using an earlier version of APA format, so some of the APAformatting will be different than the APA format outlined in your textbook. If there’sa discrepancy, please follow the APA formatting outlined in your textbook. Alsonote that although the student who wrote this paper did exceptionally well – an A+ -the paper does contain some errors and remember that things can always beimproved upon!Peer reviewYou will be using the groups and discussions tools in the course website for the peer review sectionof your research paper.Step 1: When assignment 1 is returned, you should select a peer review partner. Go into groups from the communication tab. Enroll into a group of your choice. Once the groups have been determined, I will create group discussion forums for each pair.Step 2: As you complete each section of your research paper create a post and attach it in the discussion forum for your peer review partner. Each partner should review the material and send a response within four days by replying to the original post. The feedback should be a half to one-page in length.When reviewing your partner’s paper look for the following:• Readability: Does the paper make sense? Are there connections between the ideas? Do thehypotheses and methodologies make sense?• Grammar and spelling: Are there grammar and spelling errors?• APA format: Is APA style used correctly?• References: Are there a sufficient number of primary references and references in general?Please give very specific feedback to your partner; i.e., elaborate on each item above, point outspecific errors, point out things that are done well, etc.Note: If you choose to not have a peer review partner (not a good plan since peer reviewersoften catch a lot of mistakes that I also catch and when I catch them you lose marks),you do not forfeit the entire assignment. You do not, however, get the 1-markassociated with the peer review component of the assignment.If you peer review for someone, but they do not peer review for you, you still get the The person who does not peer review gets no peer review mark.Step 3: Attach your peer review to assignment 3 and when your paper is complete submit it to the assignment 3 drop box. View Less >>
Abstract Obesity is identified as a global condition today that is the starting point for many more medical problems. There is a difference between overweight  and obese and these are differentiated by medical professionals but the common man does not understand the difference. While both have their consequences on the person’s medical profile, it is important to note the causal factors and try to support the individual to overcome their limitations whether genetic, gender specific or culture related. There is a proven correlation between obesity and gender, all surrounding circumstances remaining the same. There are various factors that decide how obese the individual can be and this document will highlight how gender plays a part. Obesity is a world-wide problem, one that is currently without a concrete and workable solution at hand. As defined by Wikipedia, “Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health. It is defined by body mass index (BMI) and further evaluated in terms of fat distribution via the waist-hip ratio and cardiovascular risk factors.”  Get solution

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