Part A: Employee Satisfaction (50 marks)In this part of the assignment you will design and administer an employee satisfaction questionnaire in order to assess the benefits package offered by your organization or an organization you are familiar with. You will follow a two-step process in completing this task. Step 1: ResearchThe Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) and the Job Descriptive Index (JDI) are two widely-used and validated tools for evaluating employee satisfaction. Go online to research these tools and other measures that can be used to evaluate employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and the benefits they receive. Using the information you find, design an employee satisfaction questionnaire that you can use to help gauge how satisfied employees in your organization are with their jobs and the benefits they receive as part of their compensation. The questionnaire should not have more than 12 questions. You may wish to address new and innovative rewards or benefits systems that are gaining acceptance in the changing workforce, such as on-site daycare or eldercare provisions as part of a benefits package. HINT: Use a rating scale or similar method to make your results easier to interpret. A “Likert scale” is a commonly used method. Resources can be found by visiting this website. Don’t forget that the companion website to your textbook, MyHRlab provides useful web links for each chapter. Step 2: SurveyUsing the questionnaire you designed in Step 1, survey three people at different levels in your organization or an organization you are familiar with. Find out: How satisfied these employees are with their job. How the benefits and rewards they receive contribute to their level of satisfaction. What they see as the most important rewards and benefits in the workplace. Step 3: Evaluation of company benefits packages and your suggestions. Write a critique of how well you think the rewards and benefits packages offered at your organization serve to keep employees satisfied and what suggestions you would offer. Evaluation CriteriaIn your submission for this part of the assignment, include the following: The questionnaire you designed, as well as the results of the survey you administered. Your evaluation of the benefits packages offered at your organization and your suggestions for improvement. Part B: Salary Survey (25 Marks)Consider the Job Description that you developed in Assignment 2. Using material from the textbook and any other sources, determine what a suitable compensation or salary level you should assign. Y View Less >>
An IntroductionThe terminology “employee satisfaction” is used to describe how contented the employees of the organization are due to fulfillment of their desires and needs at work. The important factors considered while discussing employee satisfaction are employee motivation, achievement of goals as well as optimistic morale at work. The employees are contented when they enjoy their work and feel that the management policies are fair and consider their interests well. When employees have a comfortable zone at work, they are able to efficiently give their best to the job. Employee satisfaction can be indirectly measured by following trends in employee turnover or directly by asking certain important set of questions with regards to their level of satisfaction – through surveys, interviews and focus groups. The various factors taken into consideration would be compensation, workload, flexibility, teamwork and other related issues. Such companies want to improve the performance of their employees by understanding them much better. An example to this could be a survey wherein an email is sent to all employees of the organization to respond to questions depicting their level of satisfaction with regards to different aspects of their jobs. This is followed on by analysis of the questions followed on by a detailed review to check if there are specific niche areas that need to be addressed. The detailed information along with recommendations are then taken into consideration by the senior management. It is clear that when there is higher employee satisfaction, it leads to better performance and communication in the organization. Moreover, satisfied employees remain loyal to the organization even in worst case scenarios. Different satisfaction levels may be observed in an employee with regards to different dimensions. It is quite possible that an employee is not satisfied with one of the parameters related to the organization, but is quite convinced with other aspects (Noordzlj, 2013).  Get solution

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