Research Methods assignment Help Acemywork

Research Methods assignment Help

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by all of the research methods out there? I know it can be hard to find a method that is best suited for your topic and audience. Here, we will provide an overview of some popular research methods, including qualitative and quantitative approaches and ethnographic and survey-based studies. We’ll also cover how to choose which type of study is right for you!

Research Methods assignment Help Acemywork

Research Methods assignment Help Acemywork

What is the purpose of research methods?

The purpose of research methods is to provide a systematic, objective way to gather and analyze your data. In other words, it will help you get from point A (your question or idea) to point B (having some answer) by providing guidelines and structure that will help you in this process.  What is qualitative research?

Researchers who use qualitative methods try to understand the meaning behind an idea, event or group of people. Examples of qualitative research methods include interviews, focus groups and ethnographic studies. Grounded theory is another example of a qualitative approach often used in the social sciences. However, this method involves beginning with some data (interviews or observations) rather than simply asking a question and gathering information about it.

How do we know if a study is reliable or not?

When you evaluate the reliability of a research study, it is essential to look at the validity and reliability of each aspect of your study, including your sample, instruments, methods used to gather the data, and any statistical analysis you have performed. Even one component that lacks validity or reliability (such as an unreliable interview schedule) can affect the whole study.

Why are some studies more critical than others?

When evaluating the importance of a study, it is essential to consider whether or not the findings of your study are generalizable. An excellent way to assess this is by using the ” Laws of Scales, “which state that:

  • If we conducted the same research today, would we find similar results?
  • Can our findings be applied to groups other than the ones studied in our original research?
  • Do our findings reveal something new and meaningful about human behavior or experience (as opposed to simply confirming what we already knew)?
  • Is there a better type of study out there?

It isn’t just easier for one type of researcher to conduct their studies. It has been found that knowledge from multiple methods can complement each other (Byram, 2009).

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?

Quantitative researchers use numbers to answer their questions: for example, on a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your job? Quantitative studies may involve surveys or experiments. On the other hand, qualitative research uses non-numeric data in an attempt to understand underlying trends; for example, why did you choose a job rating of 6 instead of 8 or 10?  How can I decide if my method is good enough? It would be best if you considered whether your study design is appropriate for answering your research question.

To do that, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it ethical?
  • Would any harm come from doing this? If you feel like your research might hurt someone or put them in danger, it is probably best to think of a different method.
  • Is it legal? Some research methods can land you in hot water if they are not carried out legally; for example, using an Internet survey with minors could violate child protection laws.
  • Are the people involved aware that they will be participating in my study? It should go without saying, but make sure that anyone directly involved in or affected by your study knows about it and has agreed to participate.
  • Are there any risks for injury or death associated with my study? For example, asking participants to ride bicycles while under the influence of alcohol may be dangerous enough to warrant reconsideration of your design.
  • Are my methods appropriate for the level of measurement I want to use? Some research designs work better with lower levels of measurement (qualitative, naturalistic observation); others are best suited for higher levels of measurement (experiments).

Who can be involved in conducting data analysis and interpretation?

Your data may be incomplete or inaccurate if you are the only person analyzing it. Diversity and having a variety of opinions can help you find errors that might have been missed otherwise.  What are good tools to research with?

  • -Survey Monkey (this what I use for my surveys)
  • -Paper (write down your thoughts…but this is time-consuming)
  • -Interviews (This is good for information gathering, but it is hard to manage.)
  • -Focus Group Interviews (Not sure how I feel about this personally.)
  • -Observation
  • -Experiments (If you want to test a hypothesis with control and change variables)

How do I conduct research?

This is where the fun starts. This is the part of research that will make you go crazy if you don’t stay organized.   I use two things to organize my research: Google Docs and Survey Monkey. You can also create your own excel sheets for each variable in your study.    Also, be sure to have a protocol and consent form created ahead of time so that everyone knows what their role is beforehand.

  • Protocol: The steps needed to complete your research tasks
  • Consent: Participant’s agreement on engaging in your methods

So once you’ve got all of those things ready,

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