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Sufism is an Arabic word derived from word “suf” means wool. This was used to make garments for the Muslim people as they liked woolen garments. It reflects the dimensions of the Islamic religious life, which is being looked upon with various suspicions by the Muslim people. The beliefs are being looked with suspicions. There has been a major upset set by the Sufis. The reason is that they indulge themselves so much into aspiring the gods that they lose their self- controls. It absorbs all the offerings that they need to make towards the betterment of the society.It is believed by them they are very close to god and can and can do anything. They tend to create a situation where they are directly communicating with the god. They are now concentrating on humanity an offering, which is the prime belief of the Muslim religion. The personality of human beings passes away and Sufi’ feel that they are absorbed into making various offerings to god. Based on this a research will be undertaken for generating idea on Sufism and Islamic things.The research will highlight the works of Sufism and deriving knowledge on Islamic Sufism. Get solution

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