Research findings concerning the effects of multilingualism are controversial. Some studies have suggested that multilingualism can be associated with cognitive problems, extra demands on educational systems, social and political unrest, etc. Other studies have concluded that multilingualism is an asset for the individual as well as for societies. Write an essay to assess these findings and views. You may wish to focus on the issue at the level of multilingual speakers, or at the level of multilingual societies, or at both levels View Less >>
The effects of globalisation could be seen in almost every aspects of life. With the increasing contact among the various regions both economically and socially, the language boundaries of the nations can be noted to be redefined. Simultaneously, with the increased interaction among traditional linguistic communities, the characteristics of the linguistic communities are being studied in order to gain knowledge about the effects of the same both on individual and collective levels (Aronin and Singleton, 2008). As Get solution

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