Develop a portfolio that analyses media and online materials related to descriptions of race, ethnicity and cultural diversity. You are specifically required to critically analyze the discourse represented in the articles and/or images. You can use multiple forms of media such as blogs, twitter, and facebook as well as traditional media (newspapers, magazines) and television (programming or advertisements). The analysis should include the following: 1. A brief background to the topic “Representation of ‘Racism Stops with me’ initiative”. 2. A clear statement of what you will analyze and how will you analyze it. 3. A critical analysis of the meanings both explicit and implicit in the media and/or online materials. View Less >>
The term Racism can be considered as a belief in the superiority of one of the races over the other. The factor of racism led to the factor of discrimination and prejudice towards the people on their ethnicity and race areas (Grosfoguel, 2016). Get solution

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