Renewable energy systems• Introduction on what is (sea/ocean) wave energy and why harnessing it is important.• How to convert ocean wave energy into electrical power• Research and survey of existing wave energy converters. Explain in detail how they function. For example attenuators, point absorber and oscillating wave surge converters. (Insert diagrams where necessary)• What are the design requirements and quantifiable parameters for each one of them?• References: API citing View Less >>
1.Introduction Today world is under the deep crisis of usable energy that can be used to the proper functioning of the man maid electrical equipment. The three most of the source of energies are Oil, Coal, and Gas that contributes about 33%, 28%, and 23% respectively. Unfortunately, the availability of these sources is very limited. That is why scientist community is looking forward towards another source of energy. Alternate to the conventional energy sources, solar, wind and hydro-energy are the option that can fulfill the future requirement of the energy. However present contribution of these sources is less than 1% of the total energy production. The main issue of such less production is the lack of advancement or equipment that converts the different form of energy to electrical energy. The ocean wave contains a huge amount of untapped energy Get solution

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