Critical reflection essay: These are the details of my assessment in nursing; word count 1000 words including in text citation and APA 6th referencing Could you please put in text reference in the body and a reference list at the end of the essay and will need 4 or 5 references. It should be recent five years academic references.Introduction doesn’t need in text citations but in the body needs in text citations please critical reflection essay ( Introduction 80-100 words, Body of 2 or 3 paragraph and Conclusion 80 words – a total word count of 1000 words including in text citations, five years recent academic resources and 4 or five reference list the end of the essay ) Aim of assessmentStandard 1 of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice outlines the requirement for nurses to use best available evidence for safe, quality practice and to develop that practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs. The aim of this essay is for students to critically reflect on a nursing related event reported in the media and, using the NSQHS standards developed by ACQSHC (Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Healthcare), identify what nurses might do to improve their practice and reduce the risk of a similar error. DetailsStudents must refer to the article titled ’Coroner recommends changes after blood mix-up patient death’ and NSQHS Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers for this assessment item. Criteria 1 -Introduction Contains background information, a thesis statement and an outline of the main ideas to be discussed.Introduction provides comprehensive background information, a concise thesis statement and a comprehensive outline of the main ideas to be discussed in the essay. Criteria 2 – Reflection Describes the critical incident, describes how the incident made you feel and why you felt this way and evaluates the implications of this incident for the health consumer. Refers to appropriate sources (including NMBA documents) to support discussion. Comprehensive description of the incident. Comprehensive description of how the incident made you feel and why you felt this way. Comprehensive evaluation of this incident for the health consumer. Discussion is supported by evidencebased/peer reviewed/appropriate academic sources and three or more NMBA documents. Criteria 3 – Analysis Analyse learning from the critical incident, identifies what you can do to enhance own learning and develops an action plan to prevent the error from reoccurring. Refers to appropriate sources (including ACQSHC Standards documents) to support discussion. Comprehensive analysis of learning from the incident. Comprehensive identification what you can do to enhance own learning and develops an action plan to prevent the error from reoccurring. Discussion is supported by appropriate academic sources; including at least five peer reviewed journal articles plus relevant ACQSHC Standards document. Criteria 4 – Conclusion. Summarises main ideas raised in the essay, restates thesis statement and concludes with a final statement. Conclusion clearly and concisely summarises all the main ideas raised and restates thesis statement. Criteria 5 – Presentation. Uses language conventions, appropriate paragraph structure and APA 6th ed. referencing style. Legible presentation of text with conventional spelling, grammar and punctuation. Minimal use of direct quotes. Appropriately constructed and effectively linked paragraphs that match the sequence outlined in the introduction. References consistently follow APA 6th ed. style with flawless referencing. View Less >>
Reflection  When we understand this event in detail, we come to the realisation of how human error can cost people their lives. It not only ruins (or ends) the life of the person affected, but also people related to him or her and the person who committed the mistake.This very incident took place in two steps: first, when the labels of the blood samples were exchanged and second when the patient, who realised that there was something failed to correct the nurse (ABC News, 2003)From this incident, two things can be inferred with precision. First, the nurse or the technician who collected the sample was definitely either distracted or did not bother to perform her job well, showing how unprofessional she is. Second, the patient who even though had this hunch that something was wrong failed to bring it to her notice, showing how weak and docile people become with age (Carayon, 2010) Knowing about this incident at first stirred a lot of emotions within me, especially because Ruth in a way had an untimely death, even though she was pretty old. Knowing how such cases or sheer carelessness and unprofessionalism can cause someone their life is always a matter of deep hurt. What we do not often see is that just how easily and lightly things like these are put off, unless they gain media and regulating the body’s ire (Scott, 2018). Here too, the same situation was seen. While saying that something like this can cause a huge inconvenience to the patient is an understatement obviously since this time it resulted in death, the divide happens between if it was genuinely a human error or it was sheer carelessness. From this case, nothing can be said with perfection and surety.Patient safety is the foremost thing of importance that should rule a medical practitioners head, and how they can, in their capacity to provide services to ensure this (IMCQHC, USA, 2000).  Sometimes, it is important that the regulating bodies take such cases of neglect in a way harder than usual. It is because of this careless and carefree attitude of these health service providers that situation like these keep coming up (McAndrew, 2016)According to the guidelines given by the NSQHS standards developed by ACQSHC (Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Healthcare), nurses are required to not just provide such error-free services to their patients, but to also ensure that they keep improving their services as well without any fail. These guidelines are essential as they not only give a framework to be followed for mutual benefit for everyone but also legally to the hands of people to whom we entrust our lives to. I believe that there are several things, as mentioned in this comprehensive guideline, which can help the nurses to be on track and improve their working as well.Some of it is Constantly getting their mental as well as physical health check-up did to ensure that they are neither under stress and neither are they physically or medically unfit Get solution

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