I want you to reflect on the process of writing, research, revision, and argument. Devote a paragraph to each of the questions in a brief essay that uses specific evidence from the course and your writing this semester: What have you learned about yourself and about writing since beginning the course? What was the most successful part of the course for you? What advice would you give to a future student in this course? Finally, what recommendations would you give to make this course even more successful or streamlined? View Less >>
From the course, I was able to learn a better perspective related to the broad horizon and the outline of the scope of learning. I still remember, how I was petrified while beginning with the course and about going for the key concepts, but gradually I was able to learn a completely new perspective and was able to relate, learn and begin with the concepts. Initially, it becomes difficult to grasp the concept, but gradually it helped me to understand the scope of the relationship and would be able to retain, with every day revising. The advice that would be given to the future student in this course is to apply the concepts after the brief learning and would be helping in relating the concept. The future students have to understand the relevancy of the learned concepts, they should not think it’s relative theoretical courses, but should rather apply it with everyday life. The advice is to be disciplined, ethical in the approach and be focused while the learning is taught in the concepts. Get solution

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