Choose one person to observe. In choosing the person to undertake your General Survey health assessment, you must not breech the person’s privacy or confidentiality, as noted in the QUT Student Codes of conduct.Respond to the task instructions below. Draw from current and relevant literature and refer to those sources to demonstrate your knowledge.1. Complete the health assessment using the General Survey outline in your prescribed textbook (Estes et al, 2016, p. 815)focusing on the person’s physical presence, psychological presence, and any distress and/or pain observed, and describe what you see.2. Interpret the assessment data observed and identify if these fall within or outside normal/expected parameters. You must support your points using current and relevant literature.3. Reflect upon this experience and briefly discuss potential biases or assumptions that you may be introduced during the observational one, and the potential impact this may have on the accuracy of your assessment. Briefly describe what additional data is needed to confirm or deny your assumptions. Support your points using current and relevant literature. View Less >>
A general survey of the 60 years old Filipino man is presented here and the general survey includes some important components such as person’s physical presence, psychological presence, any distress or pain observed and some other points (Tee,2017). These help in presenting a clear idea about the man and also present a basicunderstanding of his health condition.Physical presence- age is 60 years and has spots of age such as wrinkles in skin andage spots. Enlarged and barrel chest is found in the person and other than that this frailand thin body type can be seen (Tee, 2017). Can stand erect and the truck and limb arein proportion with the body height. The walk is smooth without any obstruction and nobody and breath odor is found. Gait is coordinated and takes a slow or short pause after a short walk. Get solution

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