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Introduction to Family Strengths Framework The institution of a family is amongst the oldest in the society. People form groups to find emotional or physical support. It is in the core interest of members of the family to create a positive environment for everyone around. When focus is made on strengths of a family, a much reasonable understanding is developed upon how success is achieved by families amidst great difficulties. The family’s strengths perspective is actually an optimistic orientation. It helps in restoring various problems to the right place. Research studies have indicated many propositions whilst working with families being considered seriously. As per the Family Strengths Framework, the following should be noted: (a) All families depict their set of strengths and challenges, which then signify areas of growth, (b) Depending on what one looks for, one finds that in the family in the form of strengths or problems, (c) It is important to focus more on the internal family functioning than on external family structure, (d) When one grows up in a family, it is easier to create a family of oneself as an adult, which is not the case if one grows up in a troubled family environment, (e) It should be noted that strengths in families and relationships build over time wherein adjustments are required to create families which are healthy and happy, (f) Strengths in families are known through normative developmental transitions (Defrain, J., 2008). Togetherness and Affection in Families To grow and evolve, families must incorporate elements such as togetherness, affection and sharing. Togetherness in families is very essential for family bonding through which relationships are made. Everyday interactions are very important to create togetherness in families. In other words, it is important to spend time together for various activities such as driving, dinner, bedtime or even unique conversations between children and their parents. It is important to cherish these ordinary moments to develop family strengths. Similarly, affection in families builds up harmony and growth. Due to affection, parents make many sacrifices for their children and sufficing the financial requirements of the family. Had this factor been missing, there would have been no dedication and sincerity amongst the family members. After listening to the rest of the class, my views about family broadened further as every individual had a different perspective of the definition of family. Get solution

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