Part 1: Reflection on ‘Coming into the Murdoch community’. Part 2: What the literature says about the art of ‘coming into a new community’ View Less >>
In the indulgence factor, which is related to the engagement at Murdoch University, I was very much excited due to the factor that I was thinking that I would experience new learning. The main motive, which was prevailing within me, was in the area of a gathering of knowledge, which would be helping me in the near life, and academic area (Ott & Michailova, 2018). In the indulgence factor of the new community, I can say that I was entering into a new area of knowledge gaining which according to me would be very much beneficial in the gaining of knowledge and learning skills. According to me, whenever a person enters into a new community there can be an a different form of challenges, which can be faced. These challenge area had to be overcome in a minor framework and mostly getting used to the community was one of the most important aspects. Get solution

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