The focus of this task is to demonstrate what you have learned about: Cultural Identity (topic 1) and Concepts of Health (topic 2) or Determinants of Health (topic 3) and Primary Health Care (topic 4) through your discussion, readings and set learning activities. Question 1: Why is it important for a nurse to know how cultural identity influences health for individuals and communities?Question 2: Why is it important for a nurse to know how the principles of Primary HealthCare and social determinants of health influence health outcomes? View Less >>
The culture highlights the patterns of ideas, customers and the people in a society. There are specific characteristics of ethnicity, language, gender, and socio-economic class. It is important for nurses to understand cultural identity as it affects the major perceptions of health. Apart from this, the illness and the death for the causes of diseases and the health promotion are analyses where illness and pain need to seek help. The culture affects health in different ways, like the diagnosis which includes when and how. The acceptance of preventive or health promotion measures is to perceive the number of control individuals has in preventing or controlling the diseases. Get solution

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