Using Gibb’s (1988) reflective cycle, reflect on an incident in your nursing practice which, has raised ethical issues for you. Gibb’s (1988) reflective cycle provides a framework for you to describe the incident, identify ethical issues, explore your feelings, evaluate, critically analyze, draw conclusions and develop an action plan. Moreover, the use of an action plan enables you to set goals, keep on track and reflect on your progress within this Law and Ethics NCS3203 unit. Students are required to reflect on their professional practice incident or dilemma, their knowledge gained in weeks 1-6 relating to the legal and ethical principles, theories, torts, doctrines and professional regulation. View Less >>
In healthcare services, reflective practice is used to define the professional and personal strengths of medical personnel. The reflection is done on a routine basis taking the everyday practice into consideration. It is very important in terms of improving any medical services in health care services, and it also helps in drawing regular feedbacks from the end of service users. In this study, the Gibbs’ reflective cycle has been used to discuss an ethical issue faced in personal medical practices. There was an incident in the year 2014 with a child suffering from Chickenpox, which is an acommunicable disease. Get solution

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