For this assessment, you are asked to reflect on your current diabetes knowledge and to identify your learning needs to increase your confidence and competence in educating the client/patient with diabetes. You are to develop three (3) short term goals and three (3)long term goals. An example of a short term goal may be developing your teaching and counselling style, a long term goal may be becoming credentialled.•Goal setting must be Significant, Meaningful, Action-Oriented, Realistic/Relevant, Time-bound•Identify your goals as short or long•Briefly outline why you chose this goal•List the steps you will take to achieve this goal (thoughtful evaluation, beyond ‘observing’ another health professional educate, you might like to provide education under supervision and receive feedback, research/refer to clinical recommendations and so on)•Choose two or three activities that will help you towards obtaining your goal•Connect each learning need with your own scope of practice for your discipline and role View Less >>
Purpose:- To identify the learning needs and requirements for clinical practice I am a student of clinical diabetes, it has been years that I am practicing my learnings and have been able to achieve a lot in those years. In my entire learning period I have undergone lots of developments and changes and have analyzed that learning has helped me in developing the best skills for me to become a medical practitioner. It was earlier difficult for me to understand various different criteria through which it has helped me in becoming a better medical student. The purpose was to do a reflective analysis of how where do I lack in my learning and what are the goals which needs to be accomplished by distinguishing in two different criteria which is short term and long term goals. It has helped me to understand the most effective and reflective skills which I need to imbibe in me in order to become a more professional diabetes practitioner and to serve the people in much better way, as the typologies in the medical field keep changing depending on the most latest version which helps the doctors to meet the most recent development (Muir.F, Scott.M, 2014). In my learning it was observed that while every subject has helped me in developing the best skills in me to help the patients and serve them with the best services. I have been observing the effect and hence have rather noticed that there are some of the aspects which needs to be enhanced and I have to practice each and every aspect in order to become a professional practitioner and hence prove to be the best one in the state. There have been many skills which needs extra attention when talking about practicing it. While addressing the issues I have noticed that while comparing it with all the major issues I have tried to learn a lot in my course of learning and have to understand what best can be done in order to get through the solution. We being the medical professionals have seen that many a times we get to learn new concept and practices and have noticed that by inculcating new practices it will always be an opportunity to explore and learn new practices and events. We need to be more vigilant about all the new concepts and it is very important to learn and practice them. For the same we have also observed that while we ensure to inculcate the new practices we need to set all the goals which we aspire to achieve in long and short term basis and all our responsibilities to impose our efforts in order to achieve them within the due course of time.    Get solution

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