Questions:1. Following what transpires in each Act, what is the over-arching plot of the play? What is the conflict which propels the plot forward and what is the resolution or conclusion to theconflict?2? Discuss the following characters in terms of who they are and how they relate to some of the theother key characters. Describe their role in the society: Are they a husband, wife, soldiers political leader and so on…? Of course, they may have multiple roles. Second, describe their character; what type of person they are psychological. In particular, consider the role reason and passion play in their psychological make-up. Lastly, consider their motivation(s). What are they motivated by? What makes them tick? Why do you think they do what they do? View Less >>
Reading Response Shakespeare’s Othello 1. “Othello” opens with a conflict where we see Iago is sharing his complaints with Roderigo. He is dissatisfied with the fact that Othello chose Cassio as a Lieutenant and not him. From here begins his revengeful plan. So, conflict is the main component in the play here as we can see. By the use of conflict, the plot progresses. The process of revenge starts as Iago then sends Roderigo to inform Desdemona’s father that his daughter is eloping to marry Othello who is amoor. Get solution

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