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Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology. Cognitive psychology is the branch that focuses on studying mental processes of people including how people perceive, think, learn and remember.

Cognitive Psychology Assignment Help

Cognitive Psychology Assignment Help

Cognitive psychology part of the broader cognitive science field.  Cognitive psychology is related to disciplines such as linguistics, neuroscience and philosophy.  The key focus of cognitive psychology is understanding how people gather, process and store information in their day to day lives.

Cognitive research has been applied to improve memory, increase accuracy in decision making and the formulating of educational curricular to improve learning. Cognitive psychology is greatly considered to be the scientific study of the human brain which is considered to be the processor of information.

We therefore can say that cognitive psychologists help in building up cognitive models of processing information inside the human

brain and include thinking, attention, perception, language, memory and consciousness. In the mid-1950s, cognitive psychology became a major part due to a number of factors. These are:

  • The development of better methods of experiments
  • Dissatisfaction with the behavioral approach and its focus on the external behavior instead of the internal processes.
  • The comparison between how the computer and the human brain process information.

What is Cognitive Psychology?

Ideally, cognitive psychology is the study of the mental processes that take place inside the human brain. These processes include activities such as thinking, language, perception, memory, attention, learning and problem solving.

Cognitive psychology is considered to be a young or recent branch of psychology although it has grown to become one of the famous sub disciplines. Research in cognitive psychology has been applied in various ways and has helped in improving decision making, accuracy, handling memory disorders and helping people to completely recover from mental injury and mental disorders. This is in addition to developing educational curricular for learners.

Cognitive psychology is useful in the development of education as it is greatly concerned with the transfer of information in people. Cognitive psychology analyses how people receive information, how they process it and their response to this information.

Cognitive psychology is concerned with studying the things that happen in our minds that act as a link between stimulus and our responses. Cognitive psychology involves studying internal processes involving attention, memory, thinking and language and they seek to answer the following questions:

  1. How do people tackle their problems?
  2. How do mistakes in people’s way of thinking lead to emotional distress and negative behavior?
  3. How do people receive information about their outside world?
  4. How do people process, transform and store different information?
  5. How does breakdown in people’s perceptions cause mistakes in other people’s way of thinking?

Overview of Cognitive Psychology

In the beginning, cognitive psychology was interlinked to different disciplines due to the close association between cognitive psychology and other fields involved in medicine, education and business.

Cognitive psychology is more of a goal-oriented subject that is also focused on problems right from the beginning. Cognitive psychologists help patients to identify challenges facing them and to develop goals.

By doing so, it becomes easier for people to organize their problems so as to increase their chances of accomplishing their different goals.  Cognitive psychologists help their patients to determine and rationalize situations so as to understand reasons for their failures. Thereafter, they teach them how to make changes for them to succeed.

There are a number of forms of cognitive psychology and they have four distinct characteristics. These are:

  1. A collaborative relationship between the patient and the therapist
  2. A focus on changing cognition so as to give desired changes both in behavior and emotions.
  3. A time constrained and educational method of treatment that is majorly focused on particular problems.
  4. That psychological distress is assumed to be the result of cognitive procedures being disrupted or disturbed.

Initially, everything is grouped together and cognitive psychology can be divided into two major areas. These are cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. The two theories are very similar in terms of theory and their application.

Key difference between the theories is that cognitive therapy greatly focused to do away with psychological distress while on the other hand cognitive behavior targeted eliminating the negative behavior as well.

Theories of Cognitive Psychology

There are three major theories in cognitive psychology. These are:

  1. Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy CT
  2. Donald Meichenbaum’s cognitive behavioral therapy CBT
  3. Albert Elli’s rational behavior therapy REBT

The REBT framework developed by Albert Ellis was previously referred to as rational therapy and rational emotive therapy. The REBT framework continues to be one of the major approaches used in cognitive psychology.

The REBT framework determines the relationship by use of the ABC framework. Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy came into being as a result of one of his researches on depression. He was able to establish that depressed people would initially interpret life events in a negative manner. This led him to make an assumption that a person’s feelings are determined by the way they perceive their experiences.

REBT primarily focuses on uncovering irrational beliefs that often lead to negative and unhealthy emotions.

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Cognitive Psychology Assignment Help

Cognitive Psychology Assignment Help


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