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Bioinformatics is a science that combines technology and biology. Bioinformatics greatly relies on other subjects such as biology and mathematics as well as statistics which are applied in the analysis of biological data and its storage for future use.

Bioinformatics Assignment Help

Bioinformatics Assignment Help

Different types of bioinformatics tools and software are used to store and analyze data produced by protein sequence, DNA and RNA in human beings. Bioinformatics combines biology and information technology to accurately store biological data by using new procedures and techniques as opposed to the traditional conventional tools that were previously used.

Goals of Bioinformatics

Some of the goals and objectives of bioinformatics are:

  • Development of algorithms that are efficient enough to measure similarity in sequence.
  • Using bioinformatics tools to organize and store biological data.
  • Using bioinformatics techniques to accurately translate and interpret biological importance of data as well as understanding importance of such data.
  • Managing and analyzing huge data for example, data derived from the fields of genomics and proteomics.
  • To efficiently organize wide reams of data in molecular biology.
  • Developing tools that help in analyzing such data.
  • Accurately interpreting results in a meaningful manner.

Importance of Bioinformatics

The study of bioinformatics has proven to be important in a number of ways. These are:

  • Bioinformatics helps to increase accuracy of results.
  • With bioinformatics, scientists can easily test different genes at the same time.
  • By applying knowledge of bioinformatics, scientists have been able to greatly reduce the time and cost it takes to discover drugs.
  • Bioinformatics makes it easier to learn the structure of protein.
  • With bioinformatics, it has become relatively easier to point out mutation in a heterogenous sample.

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Practical Applications of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is applied in a number of medical sciences. Its applications include:

  • Medicine – bioinformatics is applied in medicine in a number of ways. These are
  • Personal medicine – personal medicine is a term used to refer to structures that support personalization of the health of people. Bioinformatics is used by scientists to identify what causes diseases and how to treat the diseases. Personal medicine helps provide patients with drugs that can help them get cured faster and more easily. These drugs are administered to patients according to the ability of their genes to attract certain diseases.
  • Gene therapy – gene therapy is an alternative of delivering drugs that assist doctors in identifying DNA sequencing and genes of human beings so as to offer them better therapy for the treatment of diseases. Bioinformatics is therefore used to store databases of human genomes once they have been properly sequenced and the disease-causing genomes identified.
  • Preventive medicine – bioinformatics is applied by doctors in the analysis of DNA sequencing and human genomes responsible for causing diseases and disorders. This could then make it possible to come up with new and improved diagnostic tests that can easily identify the ability of organisms to attract diseases. In turn, people can employ preventive measures to prevent these diseases.
  • Discovery of new drugs and their development – in present day, bioinformatics is used in the discovery of new drugs unlike in the past where scientists depended on x ray crystallography. Bioinformatics has helped scientists to come up with 3D models of protein that are then matched to drug molecules. This has enabled doctors to discover the genetic variation of their patients and therefore be in a position to offer them medicines that are better.
  • Microbiology – in order to understand the individuality of every microbe, scientists often need to study and analyze genomes of microbes. These scientists use bioinformatics to understand biological data.
  • Creation of bio weapons – the availability of information on the genetics of bacteria and viruses online could easily lead to the development of synthetic organisms that can be used to destroy a large population during times of war. This is because preparation of these synthetic organisms will be easier and the availability of the information online could make it possible for just anyone to develop them.
  • Forensic Analysis – forensic analysis greatly relies on bioinformatic tools. Forensic analysts often have to match available biological data with databases in informatics for them to draw conclusions. For instance, bioinformatics is used in identifying and matching blood found at a crime scene with data on bioinformatics databases so as to be able to identify main suspect. Bioinformatics greatly helps in the solving of crimes.
  • Agriculture – bioinformatics is applied in agriculture in studying and analyzing the different genes of different plants with the goal of identifying novel gene that can assist to grow plants and animals into stronger breeds. In addition, plants that are easily destroyed by bacteria and viruses such as maize and wheat can be modified in order to make them stronger and increase their productivity in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Basic research – bioinformatics is used in basic research in genome association analysis, comparative and evolutionary genomics as well as omics and another functional genomics.

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Bioinformatics Assignment Help

Bioinformatics Assignment Help



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