1. Select one topic area from those listed below, which relates to the case scenarios: a)The experience of living with diabetes mellitus (for patient or family) b)The experience of living with chronic kidney disease c)The experience of post-surgical pain or pain management post- surgery d)The experience of parents with a child in hospital e)The experience of living with a stoma f)The experience of being diagnosed with cancer g)The experience of being a patient from English as a second language or culturally diverse background 2. Conduct a literature search and select three individual qualitative nursing research studies relevant to the topic, that have been published within the last 10years. You may use no more than one systematic review of the literature or meta-analysis of qualitative literature. If you choose a mixed method study the focus must be on discussion of the qualitative component, and this clearly explained. View Less >>
Management of diabetes mellitus results in significant lifestyle change among the patients. The patients often require changing their daily routine to cope with the diseases. Change in the food habit is another significant impact of this disease on an individual. Finally, the individuals suffering from Diabetes Mellitus might experience other associated illnesses also which degrades the quality of life. The significant changes in lifestyle can cause stress among the patients which worsen life further (Andreoulakis et al. 2012). Therefore, understanding the need for lifestyle changes and supporting to manage the changes is a key responsibility for the nurses. Get solution

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