Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

What does Cell Biology entail?

Cell biology is a sub topic of science dealing with the tiniest units of the systems of living things. The term cell biology is derived from the word cell and biology. Cell biology is the study of the inner part of the living system.

Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

The human body is invaded by different diseases. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect human beings is made possible through cell biology. Cell metabolism, cell theory, biochemical mechanisms and cell energy are all part of cell biology.

Cell biology involves studying the genetics of different cells. In addition, it concentrates on identifying how cell genetics connect with proteins responsible for releasing genetic information from the nucleus of a cell to the cytoplasm.

Cell components structures is known as subcellular compartments. Cell biology is also involved with studying the communication and sending of signals between cells. Cell biology has been crucial in the recent years as it has assisted in the discovery of a lot of medicines and drugs. This has made cell biology a very important topic.

Organs in the bodies of living things are made up of numerous cells therefore to understand life, these cells should be studied and understood. Cell biology students are able to familiarize with the living system and understand how it functions. By acquiring this knowledge, cell biologists have been able to come up with treatments for various fatal diseases such as cancer.

Cells are the origin of human life hence they are very important for the survival of living things. Living things can be classified into two categories; single celled organisms and multicellular organisms. A good example of multicellular organisms is human beings.

Cells are tiny units and require the use of microscopic lens to see their different parts and structures. Microscopic lenses that are used to study cells are fitted with magnified lenses. However, in the current world, electron microscopes have replaced the microscopic lens. The use of electronic microscopes has enabled cell biologists to properly view details of cells in 3D since they are highly powered.

We can not talk about cell biology and ignore its key concepts of cell cycle and DNA replication.  In simpler terms, cell biology is all about understanding transmission of signals between cells and analyzing systems in living things.

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Students studying cell biology just like any other students are assigned homework and assignments that they are required to submit within a given time. Cell biology requires that students extensively research on the given topic. This requires concentration and can prove to be very time consuming. This makes it close to impossible for students to complete given assignments on time.

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A huge number of students feel that cell biology is a difficult subject. Cell biology involves studying cells which are very tiny. Cells often have a complex structure.  A number of cell biology topics require students to invest a lot of time as they are a little difficult to learn.

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Topics common in Cell Biology

Students need to familiarize themselves with all the topics in cell biology for them to improve in their performance. Common topics in cell biology are:

  1. Cell division.
  2. DNA
  • Cell membrane
  1. Cellular metabolism
  2. Cancer cell biology
  3. Cell cycle
  • Mitosis and meiosis
  • Transportation of proteins into cell organelles
  1. Cellular proteins

Cell structure in Cell Biology

Cells are made up of structures known as organelles. Cells are able to perform their functions and to remain alive because of these organelles.  Cells have a cell membrane which houses the organelles. Cells are separated by the plasma membrane. There are a number of organelles only present in plant cells. These are chloroplasts, large vacuoles and the wall of the cell.

Division, growth and death of cells and other important functions of cells are regulated and controlled by the nucleus. Inside the cells, biochemical reactions take place. These reactions need energy. Energy needed for these reactions is provided by organelles known as the mitochondria which are the energy producing organelles.

Inside the cell, new materials are processed and transported by the endoplasmic reticulum. In addition to controlling important functions, the nucleus is also responsible for storing DNA information. Excess or the extra parts of the cell are usually destroyed by the lysosomes.

At the middle of the nucleus, there exists the nucleolus which produces and assembles ribosomes. Inheritance of characteristics is determined and done by the nucleic acid. Nucleic acid is processed to give phosphoric acid, sugar and organic bases.

Types of cells in Cell Biology

In cell biology, students focus on two major types of cells. These are eukaryote and prokaryote.

Eukaryote Cells – eukaryote cells are found in animals, protozoa and plants which are both single-celled and multicellular. These cells are properly structured.  They have a cell membrane which serves to enclose cell organelles such as Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes as well as the nucleus which houses the nucleolus. Eukaryote cells are normally bigger than prokaryotic cells.

Prokaryotic Cells – prokaryotic cells are mostly found in single-celled organisms. Usually, they tend to be simpler and smaller compared to the eukaryotes. Their genetic material is found in the nucleoid which is irregularly shaped. Prokaryotes do not have clearly defined organelles but have a cell membrane. Good examples of prokaryotes are the archaea and bacteria.

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Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

Qualified Cell Biology Assignment Helpers

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