Essay Question According to the Public Relations Institute of Australia (2016), public relations professionals are required to have knowledge of communication theories, communication practices and, ethical practice and social responsibility. In addition, persuasive writing is a core skill expected of those employed in public relations. As such, it is important to understand the Persuasion Theory and the ethical implications surrounding the use of persuasion in the design of public relations campaigns and programs. Critically analyze the use of persuasion in public relations outlining ethical implications. Please note, your essay must, a) demonstrate your understanding of the use of persuasion in public relations, b) outline the ethical implications, c) discuss current guidelines (such as codes of ethics) that ensure public relations professionals act ethically and socially responsible*, d) determine if current codes provide enough guidance, e) suggest recommendations or modifications to the codes you examine and, f) include a minimum of 4 academic journal articles * you can also use real examples to illustrate your point. View Less >>
This essay is making focuses on the public relations profession and the basic requirements of public relations professionals in this field. The essay covers the various kinds of knowledge of communication theories, ethical practice, communication practice and social responsibilities that the professionals are bearing in their work. Additionally, persuasive writing also considered to be a core part of the professionals working in this field. Get solution

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