Write a draft project proposal (4500 – 5000 words approx). ln your proposal you will outline your project as the following detailed Title page · Containing your name, student number · project title · Supervisor and unit co_ordinator name Table of Contents 1. Introduction, Aims & Significance · introduce the project · identify the aim of the project · provide an overview of the project topic 2. Research qeuestions · Re-present the 3 research questions that the project wi, address; ‘ · And if you are undertaking a creative/exploratory project, formurate the aims of the inquiry within this context. 3. Literature Review (As in assignment r. with developments and refinements) 4. Methodotogy · Research plan that includes the design of the study, i.e. what you will be researching and how vou will proceed in your research; or what your design project will be · Data collection methods, i.e. the actual tools you will use to do the job; ‘ · Alignment with the research questions. 5. Project plan & Timeline · A project management schedule that identifies the project steps and deadlines for the semester · The project limitations i.e the scope of this project 6. References Assignment Assessment Criteria The assignment will be marked according to the following criteria: · Student/Supervisor log is filled accurately and consistently · Exhibits originality · Has a methodology aligned with the research aims and objectives · Uses correct spelling and grammar and is written in an appropriate academic style · Acknowledges all sources · Gives correct in-text and end-text references · ldeas are clearly expressed, i.e. organisation of the content, coherence of the ideas being expressed · Shows a depth of the analysis, i.e. the quality of the arguments and reasoning provided, use of the literatureto frame an argument; extent of the inquiry and research · Is well presented, i.e. layout, organization, overall presentation and adheresto ECU referencing View Less >>
The right to information and freedom of speech, opinion and expression; along with the freedom of press, radio, television and other forms of electronic information disseminators are considered the fundamental rights of all Bhutanese in The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Keeping this in mind, the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act 2006 (BICM Act) was put in motion to emphasize on growth and development of the information and media sector. The Bhutanese information and media has witnessed a rapid change since its initiation with the country’s first national newspaper and radio station in the 1980s followed by television and Internet in 1999 and mobile telephony in 2003.  The proposed project is on the social and political aspect of the Bhutanese film industry, which would be accessible to future directors in Bhutan. Get solution

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