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business ethics related to COVID-19




business ethics related to Covid-19

We are living and working in the unprecedented era of a global pandemic.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed countless aspects of our daily lives on a personal level, professional level, business level, and for our families. The pandemic has also had a wide variety of impacts on the business community at many levels ranging from local to internationally renowned corporations.  These issues may even have long-lasting impacts on the future of business as we know it today.

1) Read an article from the Wall Street

In class, and in your text, reference was made several times to issues that may be “legal and ethical” or “illegal and ethical” or “legal and unethical” or “illegal and unethical.”

2) Write an essay of AT LEAST three to four pages (single-spaced with a blank line between paragraphs) that supports your position on these stock transactions by the CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies during the current pandemic.  You need to consider not only your own opinion but also how the situation appears to the general public and also the greater community of global investors.  How does each of these groups perceive the actions of these executives?  How do all these possible viewpoints inform your position?

Your essay MUST include ethical references from our text that support your ethical position from any relevant chapters.  The terminology AND its definition must be included in the essay.  You must use at least FOUR separate terms/definitions and explain how they apply to this case.  (These terms should be written in BOLD font in the paper.)  Finally, you should also support your essay with references (at least two) from the current business media such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, NY Times, etc.

A Works Cited/Bibliography page is required.

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