TaskJournal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability or if you are in a correctional centre), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.Warning: Entering or editing data in this journal entry after 2359 hours on 9 May will result in deduction of marks (as specified in Penalties for Late Submission).Write a business report based on the following:A group of private education institutions around the world has come together to form World University. It is a fully online university where lecturers teach online from any of its campuses to others around the world. Many different courses are offered. Students can sign on any time to study. All interactions with staff are online. Students can even choose which country they graduate from. A student who has studied his entire degree from Australia may choose to graduate from World University USA, as an example. Senior management has finalised on the following decisions:1. A customer loyalty scheme called StudyTogether Loyalty will reward students who introduce another student with fee credit depending on which course is picked. The university also uses agents to sell its offerings to employers. Applications are approved in less than 5 minutes. Payment for non-refundable fees are by credit card or Paypal.2. E-book and laptop purchases are part of the course and will be available online. Students cannot opt out of purchases. A pre-configured laptop loaded with required software will be sent out to all students.3. (intentionally left blank)4. (intentionally left blank)[Points 3 and 4 will be given to you by your lecturer 7 days before date due. This is to allow everyone to work in this timeframe and to prevent unauthorised assistance with your work.][If you noticed, this question focuses on the business side of education. Not the teaching side of education.]RationaleThis task meets Learning Outcomes 5 & 6:Students will :be able to critique management processes and involvement in planning for Information Systems and Information Technology in an organisation; be able to identify and co-relate emerging technology issues in management and provide a short balanced analysis report. View Less >>
Executive Summary In the era of digitalisation, it is being observed that every industry has changed its mode of operation. The traditional operational method is replacing the digitalisation method. However, it is being seen that the advancement of the internet is utilised by many industries for gaining the competitive advantages. This report discusses the group of private education institution across the world which is working in an integrated way for forming the World University. The universities are fully online, and all the operation will take place through the internet. Therefore, this report is quite interesting as it will be stating how the utilisation of internet can make the educational institute to do good business and established themselves as the World University. The report also provides a recommendation on how the educational institute can implement protection against the security risk of online technology and how they can use the online technology more appropriately for gaining the business profit.  Get solution

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