Problem: Because improved computer security measures sometimes create a new set of problems—user antagonism, sluggish response time, and hampered performance—some people believe the most effective computer security is educating users about good moral conduct. Robert Barrette, a computer activist, believes software licensing is antisocial because it prohibits the growth of technology by keeping information away from the neighbours. He believes high school and college students should have unlimited access to computers without security measures so that they can learn constructive and civilized behaviour. He states that a protected system is a puzzle and, because it is human nature to solve puzzles, eliminating computer security so that there is no temptation to break in would reduce hacking. 1. Do you agree that software licensing is antisocial? 2. Is ethical teaching the solution to computer security problems? 3. Would the removal of computer security measures reduce the incidence of computer fraud? Why or why not? View Less >>
Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is mainly to discuss about the software licensing and also to ensure or malaise whether the computersecuritymeasure have ben essential.  In the main body of the report, we will discuss whether the software licensing has been anti-social or not, development in regard to the security measures for the computer, ethics for teaching to the users of computer and the impact if there is reduction of computer security measures. On Get solution

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