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Welcome to CapsimCore, a business simulation in which you will play the position of the CEO of a company. Your company makes money by selling its products to other companies. The government split up a monopoly into two equal competitors, which resulted in the formation of your company.

As a result of the monopoly, some issues remained unaddressed for some time. Now that the market has opened up, you must concentrate on developing your items, promoting them, manufacturing them, and raising the necessary funds. Are you looking for pro tips on CapsimCore? Worry no more! We got you covered!

Pro Tips on CapsimCore

Pro Tips on CapsimCore

Each company in your industry will begin the simulation with a financial position that is identical to the other companies in the industry. The report, which can be seen under Reports on your dashboard as well as in the simulation interface, allows you to assess where you are currently standing in relation to your goals and objectives at any given time. Throughout the course of each year-long round, your selections will be put through their paces in four unique areas: research and development (R&D), marketing, manufacturing, and financial management.

The Arts of Inventing and Designing (R&D)

Your research and development staff are in charge of expanding your product line. It is the department’s responsibility to continually develop new and improved products to fulfill the ever-changing needs of your clients.


Your Marketing Department determines the pricing and promotion of your products. It establishes a connection with your customers through its sales team and distribution network. The department of marketing is also in charge of making sales projections.


In order to determine how many units you will manufacture this year; your Production Department will be responsible. Purchasing and selling production lines are also under the purview of this department. –>\finance

It is the responsibility of your Finance Department to ensure that your company has sufficient funds to endure the entire year. For the department, it is feasible to take out a loan and then pay back the funds in a number of different methods. On each iteration of the simulation, you’ll have the opportunity to see how your company stacks up against the competition.

What are you trying to achieve?

During the simulation, your goal is to maintain a profitable and efficient corporate enterprise. You will be provided with key performance indicators (KPIs) by the Board of Directors of your company in CapsimCore (Key Performance Indicators). In each round, key performance indicators (KPIs) are utilized to assess your overall performance.

Typically, there are two sorts of revenue: sales (revenue) and profit (profit margin) (profit).

Profit after tax is the difference between total revenue and total costs, stated in dollars for a corporation’s financial year. Ownership interest in a company’s stock is measured by the market value of each share of stock traded on the open market.

Contribution Margin — the percentage of each unit sold that your company retains for its own profit. This is calculated by subtracting sales from variable costs and multiplying the result by total sales.

An “Emergency Loan” is a loan granted to a company when it runs out of money during the course of the year, with a high interest rate attached to this loan. Whether or if you require an emergency loan is entirely under your hands, so try to avoid doing so whenever possible!

To determine this, look at your Star Summary. An annual star will be awarded to your organization if it has achieved significant improvements over the previous year. If you are not authorized for an emergency loan, you will be docked one star from your rating. For example, if your stock price was $13.50 last year but grew to $13.75 this year, you would be granted one star for that improvement. If your yearly sales remained at $40,000 or decreased to $39,950, on the other hand, you would not be awarded a star.

Reaching a decision

My method for reaching a decision is as follows:

Marketing, production, and financing are all areas of CapsimCore that fall within the jurisdiction of research and development (R & D). Here are some of the most important concerns for each place, which we have listed below. By collecting stars in this manner, you may design your company with a long-term growth strategy in mind, while avoiding big changes to your financial structure and the addition of unneeded risk.

In CapsimCore, policy decisions can be made by researchers and developers, marketers, producers, and financiers. As a result of policy decisions, the decision-making process in your company is streamlined. Activating this option reduces the number of decisions you have to make at the highest level of policy per round for that department.

Your instructor would be able to spend less time on money if you activated Policy Decisions in the Finance department, for example, you would be responsible for developing a high-level policy by selecting one of four options (Aggressive, Balanced, Conservative, or Do Nothing) from a list of four. Whichever option you choose will have an impact on the department’s overall direction for the future year, whether it’s in this category or another.

However, the impact of the Policy Decision on the company’s cash flow varies depending on which department is being influenced. By establishing a Policy Decision for your business for each round, you may reduce the amount of time it takes to make decisions. CapsimCore Training will provide a brief video to assist you in understanding how to make a policy choice in any department where Policy Decisions have been implemented.

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Pro Tips on CapsimCore

Pro Tips on CapsimCore


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