PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation best 10 practices 

PowerPoint presentation best practices

PowerPoint presentations consist of multiple slides, each of them providing supportive evidence for a point. Creating a well-formatted and convincing presentation can be difficult, especially if you do not have the skills for PowerPoint presentation best practices.

Recently, schools and universities have embraced PowerPoint presentations over the paper presentation.

PowerPoint presentation is a skill that has to be learned. Not all students have mastered the skill. The presentations contribute to significant percentages of the grade a student scores. Therefore, you cannot afford to do some shoddy work, mostly when you are aware that you do not have the necessary skills.

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PowerPoint presentation best practices

PowerPoint presentation best practices

Some of the challenges faced by students when creating PowerPoint presentations include:

  • They lack the software skills required. For you to create great slides, you have to be familiar with some software. The software has both basic and advanced features.
  • Some students don’t have vocabulary and language skills to write convincing and correct texts. Their texts end up having typos, grammar, and punctuation errors. Professors will note the mistakes during a review, and the student ends up scoring poor grades.
  • Some students have a hectic life as they may be engaged in other co-curricular activities. Some have to balance work and study. Since creating PowerPoint presentations requires a lot of time, they are left with very little or no time to work on their assignments.

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powerpoint presentation best practices

powerpoint presentation best practices

Tips for PowerPoint presentation best practices

Use the right colors

When you use appropriate colors in the presentation, the understanding of Use contrasting colors for the background and the text.  Having an outdated color combination will render your presentation ineffective. Avoid using too many colors as they will make your presentation look unprofessional and cluttered.

Choose the right font

The size of your font will be determined by the size of the screen you are using and the room size in which the presentation will take place. The font has to be professional. The fonts should be large enough so that no one will struggle to read.

Make consistent slides

The slides should have a similar design, such as font type and size, and color schemes. Uniformity makes the slides have a constant flow

Use videos and audios

Videos and audios enhance understanding and remove monotony. However, don’t overuse them.

Limit the use of animations

You can use animations to emphasize. Be careful about them as they may be distractive.do not animate all the elements in your slide. However, using a lot of animations in your presentation looks unprofessional.

Limit the number of words in a slide

Do not include a lot of words on a slide, especially when you are just repeating yourself. That would keep your audience reading instead of listening to you. Each slide should contain a single point.

High-quality pictures

If you use images that are not appealing, no one will take you seriously. Photographs, when used appropriately, can enhance understanding. They should relate to the message in the text.

Use charts and diagrams

Charts and diagrams display information visually .use horizontal bars for comparing quantities. When displaying quantities changes over a length of time, bar charts will be more appealing. The charts and graphs have to be relevant. If you don’t use them right, they can cause distractions.

Let the slides support your points

Do not include all the information on the slides. Don’t make the mistake of reading from the slides during presentations. Instead, have points in the slides and elaborate them from your mind during the presentation. This means that you have to familiarize yourself with the topic before the presentation.

Grasp the content first

What matters is not what is in the slides. You have to know about the topic you are presenting.do not put too much attention on the slides, and forget about the message you intend to convey. Don’t let them have too much information that will make the audience read for themselves instead of listening to you.

Look out for the best PowerPoint presentations

Before creating your presentations, check what other people are doing out there. You will have ideas on how an excellent presentation should look like. Strive to make such, or even a better one. This will be beneficial, especially to the students who do not have much experience in slide creation. With time, you will be able to create excellent presentations.

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