Population policies: In 1979 the Chinese government introduced the one-child policy which limited couples to only having one child. The Chinese government was worried that the rate of population growth in China had become unsustainable. This policy slowed the population growth rate in China from 1.9 per cent per year in the 1950s to around 0.7 per cent today. However one consequence of this policy was that this also led to a shrinking of the Chinese labour force and fewer people of working age to support an ageing population. In 2016 the Chinese government relaxed this policy allowing couples to have two children. Choose two economic thinkers to critically analyse the Chinese government relaxing the one child policy. Would they be for or against the Chinese government relaxing the one child policy? Would they have agreed with the decision to implement the one-child policy announced in 1979? What do they believe the proper role of government is with respect to controlling the population? Do they agree or disagree? View Less >>
In this respective essay, the overall significance regarding the Chinese government as well as their population policies has been significantly assessed in accordance to the viability for achieving the significance so as to justify the interventions propounded by different thinkers. The overall reflection regarding John Stuart Mill as well as Alfred Marshall has been justified in accordance to cumulate the significance regarding overall policies. Get solution

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