Please read the following economist article that is attached at the end of this instruction paper: “The Future of Jobs The onrushing wave Previous technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But things can change” The Economist 18th January 2014. The article said that the accounting field in particular is highly susceptible to automation in the near future and implied that accounting jobs disappear because of future technological innovation such as automated computer software, artificial intelligence, etc. Each group is required to prepare report regarding: What and how does future technological innovation impact on accountant skills, ethics and career opportunities associated with various accountant designations in future? View Less >>
Introduction It has been the fact that the persons who have been emerging in the field of accounting have been exploting the emerging innovative technology with the objective to accomplish the task with more accuracy as well as efficiently. It also helps to make the task simple. Technology being initiated from the development of calculators, computers and other machinery for accomplishing the task, however all the mentioned technology seems to be simple by comparison with the current innovation which now seems to be Get solution

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