The myth told in Book VII of the Republic is often referred to as “The Allegory of the cave.” What is the meaning of the word “allegory”? What is the etymology of this word which is derived from the Greek, and how does this help illustrate the meaning of the word. (The etymology of words can be found in most online dictionaries as well as an online etymological dictionary) Socrates says that that the allegory of the cave is a way of presenting an “image of our nature in its education and want(lack) of education, likening it to a condition of the following kinds.” How is this myth connected to our education or lack of it? What do you think Plato’sdefinition of education actually is? Look at especially section 518b-d on p. 197. View Less >>
The allegory of the cave is regarded as one of the utmost prominent passages in the antiquity of Western philosophy. Allegory does use some kind of symbols, event etc. to portray the meaning. Here Plato expresses the allegory in the framework of education. In other words, it can be said that it is eventually about the nature of philosophical teaching or education, and it deals a vision into Plato’s opinion of education (” Education and Plato’s Allegory of theCave”, 2019). The individuals in the cave required to have a desire for education which would help to turn the soul. We need to struggle to gain knowledge and enlighten ourselves. Education would lead to complete transformation. Get solution

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