This essay will allow you to apply Piaget’s theory of cognitive development to the numeracy skills or mathematical knowledge demonstrated in the Early Years Learning Framework or Australian Curriculum. Assessment details Discuss Piaget’s theory of cognitive development in relation to children’s developing mathematical knowledge.  Explain Piaget’s theory of cognitive development in relation to mathematical knowledge.  Select either the Early Years Learning Framework or the Australian curriculum and describe how the development of maths knowledge is encouraged within the document.  Describe and justify whether Piaget’s theory is best suited to the learning of mathematics at the age level chosen.  Explain why a different theory maybe better suited to the learning of mathematics at the specific age level chosen. Assessment criteria To receive maximum marks for this essay you must demonstrate clarity and understanding of the topic and offer interpretation of the issues and implications together with a very high level of scholarship. Presentation, format and structure must be of a professional standard. 1. Justification of theoretical perspective. 2. Comparison to other learning theories. 3. Presentation, structure and referencing: spelling, grammar and expression professional presentation of essay introduction, conclusion main body and paragraphs. depth and relevance of research, rigor of supporting references and adherence to APA style guidelines. View Less >>
The research and theory of Piaget has been named as developmental constructivism by Romberg in the year 1969. According to this theory the concepts of numbers and operations are acquired by the children not through internalization but from within. In the year 1968, Piaget explained that each and every student who is normal inhibits the quality of a good mathematical reasoning, if the subject is taught taking the help of activities that creates interest in him and if he gets proper care and attention. By doing this, the feeling of inferiority in students, regarding the sums of mathematics, can be removed. (Oakley, 2004) Piaget’s theory has four stages of cognitive development: – (Piaget, 1969) Get solution

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