This mixed-methods, quasi-experimental pilot study examined whether the Nintendo Wii Sports (NWS) active-video game (exergame) system could significantly improve the functional ability, physical activity levels, and quality of life of 34 older adults (4 men and 30 women, 83 ± 8 yr) living in 2 residential aged-care (RAC) centres. Change score analyses indicated the intervention group had significantly greater increases in bicep-curl muscular endurance, physical activity levels, and psychological quality of life than the control group (p< .05). View Less >>
IMPACT OF NWS ON AGED PERSON Many people in their old age prefer to move in any residential aged-care to get their aged-care requirements and services fulfilled. In recent years, video games like Nintendo WiiSports (NWS) are being introduced in such residential facilities. The Nintendo Wii Sports offers boxing, 10-pin bowling, golf, baseball, and tennis.   Based on the quantitative data and the data analysis we can get the conclusive ideas that it needs to be highlighted the certain kinds of guidelines. In addition, in order to proceed with a theconceptual analysis that clearly shows that the overall study simultaneously had created a critical. Get solution

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