Decide on whether the performance improvement strategy or a more general change strategy, is the focus of your assignment. 1. If it is a performance improvement strategy (it can be reduced waiting times in a clinic, reduced infection rates (e.g. in post-operative wounds), reduced medication errors, hand-washing compliance, improved record keeping, improved handover/reporting/writing of reports…anything that you think might interest you. All information needs to be applied to the planned performance improvement (PI). Identify the pressure/need for change….and explain this in terms of a model like Lewin’s 3stage change theory and his Force Field analysis or Kotter’s 8 step change theory (readings2.6 & 2.7) and identify the source of the pressure (where it is coming from). You must read, understand and refer to, the readings in Module 3 as they are specifically about organizational performance (readings 3.2 by Isouard et al., 2006; and 3.1 particularly)Read module reading 2.6 (Stanley, 2011) as it explains the theories associated with planning and evaluating change. Discuss the role of the leader in identifying the need for performance improvement, working with the key stakeholders (everyone involved), planning, implementing and evaluating performance improvement. You will find readings 3.5 and 3.6. View Less >>
Change is an important part of any organization and must be realized when the time is right. This is also important because change is one of those exceptionally important aspects of our lives which not only sources improvement but also allows for the flexibility and the ability to reach something better with time. Nursing and healthcare industries are currently functioning at quite a huge level and have spread all around the world with huge revenue and investment output. While all these adjustments are made on a more infrastructural level, the actual assets to these healthcare organization are its doctors and the nursing staff (Shah, 2014). While these people run the hospitals and healthcare centers, they too need change and improvement, which again is only obvious since it adds to the betterment of their working ability and domain knowledge of these people. This is necessary for any employee working in any organization as it is their right as employees, to grow and get better to get better opportunities for themselves. This allows the people of the organization to make the best out of what is being given to them, and thus can sometimes guarantee employee loyalty as well. Management of change has always remained a concern for all healthcare practitioners all around the world, as it is required for healthcare professionals to constantly improve their skills, and sometimes if the change is not implemented then these people are bound to perform under a set of guidelines, which can often restrict their operational ability (Al-Abri, 2007) . Lack of change is responsible for the reduced competence of these professionals as well, which then creates trouble Get solution

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