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What are Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is largely defined as the study that involves studying principles of mechanics that are involved in the structures and movements of living things. It can be defined as the study that focuses on movement of the human body structures.

Expert Biomechanics Assignment Help

Expert Biomechanics Assignment Help

In biomechanics, research is carried out to understand how structures of biological organisms as well as their systems react to external stimuli. For instance, in human beings, biomechanics is used to elaborate how the human skeletal system works in different circumstances.

Scientists in biomechanics depend on analysis based on mathematics and physics to be able to determine the limitations and potentials of biological systems. Biomechanics is a field that is greatly focuses on both the external and internal forces of living systems.

Biomechanics is a combination of two sciences. It is an integration of biology and mechanics.  Biology is defined as the study of biological systems in the bodies of living things whereas mechanics is the study that deals with forces created by physical systems as well as their causes.

Importance of Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the subject that deals with studying movement of living systems in human beings, animals and plants as well. Concepts of biomechanics are in different areas of science such as anatomy, sports, engineering, medical science and health.

For example, biomechanics is very important in health science as it helps in preventing likely injuries by simply applying accurate knowledge of the appropriate use of different organisms. Students studying biomechanics are often given assignments to help their professors gauge their grasp of the subject.

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In their course study, students are expected to gain solid knowledge of the subject and to develop a number of abilities that include:

  1. Students are expected to gain an understanding of important issues that are connected to the practical application of engineering tools as they study the mechanical behavior of living tissues.
  2. Students are expected to study and understand the impact material properties have on functions of living things so as to be able to comprehend the complexity of mechanical biomechanical systems.
  3. Students are expected to develop abilities to solve problems and gain analytical skills through the experiments they carry out in the laboratory and applied biomechanics assignment help.
  4. Students can easily develop ability to understand the link between the structure and function of the human body and mechanical approach.
  5. Lastly, students are expected to seamlessly apply the mathematics involved in mechanics to quantify the external and internal forces acting on the body (kinetics) and the effects of these forces (kinematics).

In addition to the above, biomechanics is very important and plays a major role in areas such as robotics, physical education, sports and much more.

Applications of Biomechanics and Possible Future Benefits of Biomechanics

Biomechanics is a subject involving a number of subjects and is widely used in different branches of science. It is necessary for students to understand the applications of biomechanics for them to be able to wisely select their topics for biomechanics assignment help. Moreover, it helps them make better decisions when selecting their careers. Biomechanics is applied in a number of areas which include:

  1. Exercise and Sport Science – the biomechanics of sports and science largely covers the area of science that deals with analyzing mechanics of human movement. Some of the areas where scientists in biomechanics  apply their skills and knowledge to resolve sports related issues are the evaluation of devices used in science, determining and selecting the safest methods of performing particular sports work, maximizing on the best methods to increase efficiency in sports and analyzing loading of the muscles. Having a deep knowledge of this field enables students to have a strong understanding of key areas such as psychology, functional anatomy, physiology, human physiology, nutrition, motor learning and control and exercise metabolism.
  2. Medicines – in the field of medicine, biomechanics is the study of all the mechanics inside a living thing. It is the force put on the skeletal system by gravity and muscles. Biomechanics in medicine is keen on how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments come together to cause motion. In addition, it covers the mechanics of how the blood flows in the body, how the kidney and other body parts function. According to biomechanics, force can be described as the force applied perpendicularly to a point of rotation also known as a joint. It states that torque depends on three key quantities:
  • The applied force
  • The length of the lever arm that joins the axis to the point of application of force
  • The angle between the lever arm and the force vector

In medicine, doctors use biomechanics to examine back and neck pain, injuries on the heel and knee and any other limb functions.

  1. Orthopedic Implants – biomechanics is largely used in the orthopedic industry in the designing of orthopedic implants used for human joints, dental part, treatment of fractures, external fixations, gait analysis and in biomaterials. Studies in orthopedics have led to the advancement of orthopedic implant technology and are mainly applied in the spinal fusion instrumentation and artificial joint replacement. A major area of study in biomechanics is biotribology. Biotribology focuses on the functions of biomaterials that are used in orthopedic implants. Biotribology is largely utilized in developing and improving the design of biomaterials made for clinical purposes.
  2. Human Musculoskeletal System – biomechanics plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal. Biomechanics is used in studying infrared videography, human 3D motion, capturing trajectories of markers and human ground reaction forces. Biomechanics also applies EMG system to learn about and evaluate responses of muscles to perturbations and external forces.  Biomechanics creates the foundation to understanding properties of kinematics and the neural mechanism of the human joint system. It is very crucial to study the biological and mechanical factors that affect the skeletal system of the human body.

Key Domains of Biomechanics Assignment Help

To reduce the complexity of the study of biomechanics, researches have chosen to divide it into sub domains with a focus on the physics and biology branches involved.  Some of the major sub-domains of biomechanics covered in our biomechanics assignment help at are:

  • Sports biomechanics
  • Continuum biomechanics
  • Bio-fluid mechanics
  • Biotribology
  • Comparative biomechanics

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