Perfect Capsim Money Hacks

Perfect Capsim Money Hacks

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Perfect Capsim Money Hacks

Perfect Capsim Money Hacks

The following five topics are most important to your finance department:

  1. Obtaining funds for asset expansion, particularly plant and equipment. Capital can be obtained in the following ways:
  • Currently owed money
  • Stock Market Issues
  • Issues of Bonds (Long Term Debt)
  • Earnings
  1. Creating a dividend policy that optimizes shareholder returns.
  2. Establishing accounts payable and receivable policies (which are both included on the Production spreadsheet) (which is entered on the Marketing spreadsheet).
  3. Managing the company’s financial structure and the debt-equity relationship.
  4. Choosing and tracking performance indicators to support your approach.

Finance choices should be made after the decisions of the other departments have been entered. The Finance Department solves financing concerns and financial structure after the management team determines what resources the organization need.

Verifying that sales estimates and sensor pricing are reasonable is one of the Finance Department’s fiduciary responsibilities. Prices and predictions that are unreasonable will result in unrealistic cash flow. Marketing managers should be challenged by the department to defend their projections and price decisions.


Your bank prints one-year notes for current debt. The amount of current debt owed from the previous year is displayed in the Finance section of the Capstone Spreadsheet. The corporation may simply borrow the same amount again to “roll” the debt. For current debt, there are no trading costs. Interest rates are determined by the amount of debt you have. The more debt you have in relation to your assets, the more the danger you pose to creditors, and the higher your current debt rates.

In general, corporations use current loans from banks to support short-term assets like accounts receivable and inventories. Banks will lend you up to 75 percent of your accounts receivable (found on last year’s balance sheet) and 50 percent of this year’s inventory if you have current debt.

They look at last year’s revenue statement to forecast your inventory for the future year. Banks estimate that your worst-case scenario will result in a three- to four-month inventory and will lend you up to half of that amount. This equates to around 15% of the combined value of total direct labor and total direct material on the income statement from the previous year.

Because your industry is expanding, lenders will enhance your borrowing limit by 20% as a last stage to allow you to expand your inventory and accounts receivable.


All of the bonds have a ten-year maturity. When your firm issues bonds, it pays a 5% brokerage charge. The interest rate is represented by the first three digits of the bond’s series number. The bond’s due date is indicated by the last four numbers. The letter S, which stands for “series,” separates the numerals.

Bond issuance are often used to support long-term investments in capacity and automation.

Bondholders will finance up to 80% of the value of your plant and equipment (the capacity and automation of the Production Department). Investors get a coupon, or yearly interest payment, from each bond issue. T was $1,000,000.

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Perfect Capsim Money Hacks

Perfect Capsim Money Hacks


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