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Your Finance Department’s principal concerns include ensuring that the company’s investments are adequately supported and that the company’s cash balance remains positive. Are you looking Capsim Best Money Tips? Worry no more! We got you covered!

Capsim Best Money Tips

Capsim Best Money Tips

How to Raise Funds for Your Company

  • Getting Rid of Debt and Inventory
  • Dividends are paid when the right to pay dividends is exercised.
  • Financial decisions should be made only after all other departments have completed their work. In the following step, the Finance Department will examine the financial structure and funding of the organization.
  • Fundraisers are individuals who raise money.

There are three options for raising funds, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to obtain capital in the following ways:A bank loan is one that must be repaid by January 1 of the following year if it was taken out during the previous year. The annual percentage rate (APR) is calculated depending on the amount of the loan that is still owing.

Stock issues, such as the sale of common shares to the general public, are examples of stock issues.

That’s the maximum amount of money that the bond markets are ready to lend you over the long term.

Your fixed assets can only be worth up to 80% of what they were last year, according to the rules.

  • Giving up your loan and stock options

Investing in stocks and bonds can help you save money by releasing cash, reducing the number of shares in circulation, and lowering the amount of long-term debt you have.

Alternatively, if you wish to retire your stock, you can purchase up to 5% of your total stock in each round.

Long-term debt, such as bonds, may be paid off faster than the 10-year period if the borrower desires to avoid interest payments on the debt. It will be necessary to pay a small 1.5 percent brokerage charge in order to retire bonds early, which will be satisfied by the closing price given in the Outstanding Bonds box on the Finance interface.

  • Dividends to Shareholders are a form of compensation.

The owners of a company may desire to see a return on the investment they have made in the company. Of course, this is accomplished through the distribution of earnings. Dividend payments have the potential to have an impact on the stock price. The capacity to raise more money for investment means that you will be able to generate greater earnings and dividends for your shareholders if your stock price is rising rapidly.

Loans for Emergency Circumstances

An emergency lender provides one-year emergency loans to people in need. An emergency loan will be required if your company’s cash flow is disrupted mid-year, and you will need one to keep it operating. Because they are designed to be “quick fixes,” the interest rates on emergency loans are extremely high (7.5 percent above the current interest rate). Please keep your eyes away from these!

Individuals Can Use These Resources

The inclusion of the Human Resources module to your curriculum now allows you to make an investment in the individuals who run your company’s operations. When the module is turned on, new decisions will have to be taken in the Human Resources department. In the midst of a busy Human Resources department, it is conceivable to invest money in R&D, marketing, and manufacturing all at the same time.


  • Educating and assembling teams in the manufacturing industry
  • Determine how much money you’re willing to spend on educating your assembly-line personnel before proceeding. Assembly teams are well-known for enhancing both productivity and quality after the output has been adjusted to the desired level.

As a result, there is a decrease in staff turnover rates. Each round, you have the opportunity to invest up to $2 million in educating your manufacturing personnel to be more efficient. Recruitment and retention of scientific personnel are two important aspects of any organization’s success.

  • Calculate the amount of money you’ll need to spend on attracting and retaining scientists for new research and development projects. These changes will have an impact on customer perceptions of product quality and on how quickly new items and updates are introduced to the market. It is possible to recruit and keep scientists who are working on your sensors through investments of up to $2 million every round. The more money you put in, the more money you will receive in return.
  • Salespeople should be compensated.

Make a decision on the salary you will provide to your sales team. This decision will have an impact on the ease with which clients can obtain your products as well as the pace at which staff depart their positions. A total of up to $2 million in additional sales force pay can be invested in a single round of financing.

Quality control

By completing the Total Quality Management (TQM) module, you will be able to make an investment in the future of your company’s personnel. A new department called “Total Quality Management” is created by the TQM module, within which decisions can be made.

Material, labor, and administrative costs can be reduced through the implementation of total quality management (TQM), as can the time necessary to complete research and development projects and the demand for a product line, among other benefits. Each year that passes after the investments are made, they have an impact on the returns earned the next year. It is possible to make a financial investment in one of ten comprehensive TQM initiatives.

Your organization must choose which projects will be most advantageous to the achievement of its objectives. If you want to maintain the level of automation in R&D activities as low as possible, investing in places with lower labor costs can be a good choice (for example, Quality Initiative Training).

If your company competes in high-tech areas with high material costs, lowering material expenses may be an option for you to consider (for example, Continuous Process Improvement). Complementary activities should be sought after and funded by enterprises in order to maximize the value of their investment. Investing in CPI Systems as well as GEMI TQEM Sustainability, for example, can help firms save money on materials costs by reducing waste.

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Capsim Best Money Tips

Capsim Best Money Tips


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